How to Make short URL for Google+ profile with

Guys as i spoke earlier i will be regular in blogging here so that’s why today i have given to you a short tips for google plus.

You know very well that recently google plus has become so popular same as facebook. But what is the problem in google plus is that we cant get very short profile id from google plus. That’s why we have to remember very long profile id. Which is very difficult for us. This id is very long and we need to short this id. So that any body can catch us so easily.

Don’t worry my friends if you like to have a short google plus id then you have to use lets see

How to Make short URL for Google+ profile with

First of all go to
Give your nick name at nick name box
like me


Give your google plus id
like me :


Now hit add button
You are done.
Now you will get a new short google plus id like me

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