Talk iphone to iphone free

7 years ago

Hi guys its very nice to me to come near you again. Because its long time have passed that i have been doing my post irregularly. Actually for blogging concern i should not update my post irregularly. But what is happening now to me i can not get 100% spirit for writing. Or may be i have been doing too much extra work. By the by i have great privileges of taking break or stop writing this is the great benefit for a blogger. He can stop writing post or giving update regularly by his own wish. Nobody will insist him to do post unless he write today as i spoken earlier in my previous post that i will do continuity and so that’s why i have given a short post to you.

And that is mean talking to your friend without paying any cost in mobile using iphone.If you wanna talk iphone to iphone for free you have yo install in both of set a apps that is called viber.

Talk iphone to iphone free

After installing viber you have to connect with internet and open viber both of you can call each other using viber free. There is no bill would be charged for talking. Here you have to remind that to use viber you have to connect with internet and both set must have viber too. So lets say you are not using internet on your mobile phone but you can still use this facilitates after connect your phone with free wifi network and can call free.In my previous post i wrote how to talk free using fring. I hope this post will be helpful who are seeking for free calls in mobile.

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