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How to activate New Facebook Timeline To Your Profile

Most popular social networking website Facebook recently has introduced new feature is called Timeline. Its a profile where you can customise your profile more easily and make your profile more attractive and smart looking. Facebook currently introduced timeline in developers stage. To get it as a regular user you have to do some extra works. […]

Affiliate Marketing Basic Tips For The Beginners

If you are looking for online Business, One of the best ways to start your online Business with affiliate marketing. It is one of the most convenient, low risky and cost effective Business that will gives you potential earnings within a few days. It is very helpful to increase your online Business scope and you […]

How to Change The Default and Embed Color Of YouTube Video Player

YouTube has recently unveiled a sleeker and more sophisticated avatar. Apart from a cosmetic face-lift, the video player service has updated the structure and design of the video page. The player is now bigger and better, and the fun part is that you can now do away with ‘buffering’ and jump anywhere into the video. […]

Mobile Blogging ! How much tough it is?

This gonna be a great idea and most perfectly for those who are crazy for blogging and rightly so if you are doing blogging in professionally or not what ever it is if blogging is your passion and everyday activities then i must sure you will love to do mobile blogging. How to do mobile […]

How accurate is the Google Page Rank?

Google’s support forum for webmasters doesn’t want website owners to worry too much about the Page Rank of their sites or pages thereof. Perhaps that is too old a metrics for gauging popularity of a site.The concept was invented in 1998 by Larry Page, a student of Stanford University. Google does not assign much importance […]

Better Privacy Controls for Facebook Sharing and Tagging

Facebook has always been criticized for its privacy policies. Users have been demanding major changes for a very long time. After the launch of Google+, with its groundbreaking features and privacy controls, Facebook too has revamped its privacy settings. A few areas of major concerns for Facebook users were the loosely defined tagging and sharing […]

Your Pc Will be Shutdown Automatically

Guys few days ago i had given a post about Firefox or pc will be shutdown after download finished. Actually it was about a firefox addons that did the tricks. Recently after update of firefox it is not working properly. So there fore if you like to shutdown your pc after complete any file download, […]

Convert any Document to Mp3 file

Hi guys, May be you have pretty large document file. Everyday you have to read and memorise this large document file which is very annoying to you. Isn’t it? I think its very boring. So if you wanna try to get rid of this boring reading of large file i may can help you a […]

Best wordpress plugins That You must Use

This is my first post about wordpress blogging. Specially who are blogging in wordpress platform they can enjoy a lot of plugins and extra few facilities their Blog. More over for total blogging you must choose wordpress. Now – a days all kinds of professional bloggers are choosing wordpress. But if you don’t have proper […]

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