How to activate New Facebook Timeline To Your Profile

Most popular social networking website Facebook recently has introduced new feature is called Timeline. Its a profile where you can customise your profile more easily and make your profile more attractive and smart looking. Facebook currently introduced timeline in developers stage. To get it as a regular user you have to do some extra works. So if any one want to open timeline to his or her profile , please read this post carefully

How to activate New Facebook Timeline To Your Profile

Here i will describe how to enable Timeline in your Facebook profile?
First of all go to new tabs and type:
2.Now request for permission ‘s allow button click and new apps page will appear. if you do it before the developer page will redirect automatically.

3.To create new apps click at right hand side on the page +create a new app

4.Now gives apps name and namespace then tick mark on i agree to the platform privacy policy >then click continue tab. New page will appear write down the captcha key. and then submit.

5.Now click on open graph link at the left hand side and get started using open graph’s action and object .Here people can read and book select (as you like) click on get started button.

6.Now refresh your Facebook Homepage or profile- You can see Introducing Timeline a new kind of profile appear. Now click get it now.

7.Here’s your timeline appear already. Now click on publish button. To add picture at cover you can click add a cover button.

8.Now you can edit your timeline, what do you like to view and what not.

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