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Download More than 300 Ebooks Free Get Website List

Download More than 300 Ebooks Free Get  Website List If i am not wrong this is gonna be 300 post for this blog at we have been giving you free tips about computer, Internet and web related stuff for the last of three years. Now its our 300 post, so i was thinking to […]

Protect Your PDF Files Using Strong Password Very Easily

Hi guys don’t be so fool by keeping your most valuable PDF files without password protected. You must know that any PDF files that is not protected with strong password can easily view using free adobe pdf reader. But for your safety and keep protected your PDF ebooks or any PDF documents, you can use […]

How To connect Microsoft MSN messenger With Facebook Friends?

Long time already may be you are using this benefit of doing online conversation with your facebook friends from windows live messenger. Its very easy to chat with your facebook friends from msn. To do that what you have to follow just given below: How To connect Microsoft MSN messenger With Facebook Friends? From now […]

Stop Open Any Internet Webpages From All Browsers

Guys, don’t misunderstand me, following this post you can disable showing any webpages from any browsers like IE,Mozilla Firefox or Google chrome Even you have internet connection enabled in your pc or laptop. Now let me tell you why i am giving you this tips? Because sometime in our home when everybody have the access […]

Which is the Best mac antivirus?

In Modern operating system mac is a important name.   we are using many kinds of OS but mac system is totally  different and strong security built in fastest OS. But recent time Kaspersky  technician has found some lack in the  system. Yes i am talking about mac antivirus. Even though mac developers proudly speak that […]

PC Auto shutdown Timer Software That You Must Use

Hi guys i have given few post regarding about PC shutdown automatically. But recently i have found another pretty good very simple tiny software for shutdown PC automatically. This is very small in size . Few kb only and it will shutdown your PC according to your selected time. You can set the time statically […]

How to use Whats app in desktop pc with Youwave Easily?

There is no doubt about that for free chat application whtsapp is the number one messaging solution that never cost at all. All most everybody knows about whatsapp and what is the benefit of using it. To the mobile phone users its a free app for sending free sms using the contact number if both […]

Disable Internet Explorer On Windows 7 And Windows 8

Internet explorer can be disable. Even though this is a default browser in all windows OS but for stop using Internet sometime you like to disable it. Here i am gonna show you How to disable IE in windows 7 and windows 8 You know still windows 8 is not publicly available but in its […]

Best music player for android mobile that I am using

Best music player for android mobile that I am using. May be most of you are using android mobile. For android mobile which music player apps is the best? In recent market places there are many music player apps but not all music player will give you the best now don’t be so sad […]

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