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What is Domain Parking? How To Park Domain?

In general when we visit a website, we type at the browser address box with So as this example it can be like Here is the called domain name. A domain name can be end with such kind of extension like .COM, .NET, .INFO, .ORG, .BIZ, .NAME, .MOBI, So the domain is a name of the web address which […]

10 Reasons Your Google Adsense Earning May Gone Failure

Blogging & Monetizing a blog with affiliate program is very common in online. But now a days only few bloggers are earning money from online with best monetization Google AdSense is one of the most popular affiliate program for blogger. You can earn quite easily from google AdSense program if you do proper seo &   get […]

Free Download Preview of Microsoft Office 2013 from Microsoft

Free Download Preview of Microsoft Office 2013 from Microsoft Last week, Microsoft announced the new version for their office suit, MS Office 2013. Now the preview of MS Office 2013 is available for download from the official website of Microsoft. Microsoft office 2013 will include the basic applications of Office suit such as Word, Power […]

Enable Print Mode Option In WordPress Blog

Print mode option will help you to read a blog article most easily and you can print the page just one click if you want to. The fact is most of wordpress blogger never use this feature to their blog. In real using this print mode facilities to the blog post will increase more visitors […]

Most Expensive Adsense Keywords List For Blogging

The Most Expensive Keywords in Google AdWords  Expensive high paying AdSense keyword list is the key to get huge income in blogging. The high voltage expensive keywords are not so many. So it is very easy to catch up those keywords just applying few tricks. You can search online about most expensive AdSense keywords and […]

How To Install Windows XP A Complete Guide

We everybody know about Windows Xp Operating System. Generally its a Graphics operating system. Microsoft is the owner of this OS. This is very popular OS amongst the others computer operating system.First  at 2001 it came to the market. After launched to the public it gained huge acceptability to all kinds of computer users. Hardly […]

Ways to Get loan and Credit card most easily

In my previous post i had written about How to know which credit card can be best for me? Now you may understand and realize which credit card can be best for you. Lets say you are gonna take credit card now and you have been refused so what will be your feeling?Not so good […]

How To Trace Email Sender Location In Gmail,Yahoo,Live ?

Every email when it is sent from a computer has its own IP Address. Without this Internet email can not be sent to the recipients. So for this reason if any email reached to its recipient, he or she can trace the sender location by obtaining the respective ip Address .This process need two things […]

How To Create Picture Password In Windows 8

Windows 8 comes out with many features. It has many built in function that ease the windows 8 users to keep away from installing third party software. One of the feature about windows 8 is called picture sign in. In windows 8 you can log in with picture or pin number, so if you forget […]

How To Reinstall or Refresh Windows 8

If there is a problem in windows 8, we need to reinstall windows 8 . You know if you reinstall windows 8, all   others settings will be affected. The good news is you can re-install windows8 keep intact desktop files with all others settings unchanged. The settings with files will remain same but others program will […]

How To Remove Virus From Android Mobile?

Mobile virus can be very harmful for mobile. For downloading many apps you can infected with malicious program in your android device. So we have to know how to remove virus from android mobile. Once you have got virus in your android mobile, you must remove it,, without taking any action it may kill your loving android […]

Quick 5 Tips To Earn Money From Google AdSense

Hi guys, as you can see now a days the big online business is run by From Google we can achieve huge revenue with its various service. One of the most easiest and very common affiliate program is rendered by Google is AdSense program. Many of us like to have this affiliate program with our blog or website. The most […]

How To Set Password In Internet Explorer ?

How to set password in Internet explorer so that only the person who has the password can browse with Internet explorer. This thing can be done very easy in ie version 8. we need to set password due to security reason or want to block children to surf website . How To Set Password In […]

The Web Application That I am using

I am using very small amount of installed program in my PC. Faster PC is the precondition of less program installed in PC. The more less software you will use in your PC the more faster your computer can be. So for completing some of the task i used web wire or web based application […]

Best Flv player For Android Mobile That I am Using

Android mobile in recent time become very popular same as iPhone  The recent version of android mobile has the ability to run flash video player. No need to install adobe flash player plug ins. But for those who are using older version like me Samsung Galexy ACE GT5380 version 2.2 need to install third party apps for watching […]

6 Reasons You Should Not Use Free Web Hosting

Web Hosting is very important for starting a Website or Blog. The sole part of a blog is its host server where all the data stored . So he or she who want to set up a website or blog must need to purchase hosting space from the web hosting company. To continue a blog […]

Make Money Online With Zero Investment?

Do you like to Make Money Online With Zero Investment? Here is the guide for you…. Don’t scam me. Even though there are many articles over the few years has been written by many online web experts, this money earning matter from online still remain a million dollars question. You may ask me now is […]

Lost windows Password ? Here is solution

Lost windows password? feeling very stress? Don’t be so worry. Even if you forget or lost windows password, still you can log in windows. You can be surprised? Is it possible to log in windows even I lost windows Administrator password?Tech geeks have a lot of folks on this mater and there are few options […]

How To Type Bangla In Gmail?

It is a common thing to send email in Bangla language along side English. Sending Email in Bangla language, you may require to install third party software on your Desktop PC. But Gmail has launched Bangla email facilities along side  many others language too. In gmail you can type bangla using phonetic style and even […]

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