6 Reasons You Should Not Use Free Web Hosting

Web Hosting is very important for starting a Website or Blog. The sole part of a blog is its host server where all the data stored . So he or she who want to set up a website or blog must need to purchase hosting space from the web hosting company.
To continue a blog or website every year or monthly web hosting provider claim money from the owner of that blog for their service.
But if you don’t want to pay money, you can use free web hosting server. There is none who never use free web hosting. From the beginning of blogging life most of us had used free web hosting facilities.

Some of the blogger who run their blog totally free by using free domain and hosting such as blogger.com or wordpress.com. In real free hosting never make you satisfied at all. You can save few bucks for using free hosting but you should not use free web hosting. It will kill your time actually but you cant learn real blogging . Now why you should not use free hosting lets find out the 6 reasons here:

6 Reasons You Should Not Use Free Web Hosting

1.Free hosting is not reliable:
In proverb there goes a word ” Free cows teeth is not good” That means you get something freely and there is no problem on it , it can not happend. The company who has given you free hosting, they spend their own pocket money to give you this facilities. So when if anything goes wrong, they terminate the account.
One the other hand if your site used huge space then without noticed they can block your account. So after making a site with great care, you can lost it anytime for using free hosting. You will get pain if this thing happend to you. The main thing is you should not use free hosting. Just buy the hosting space from reliable web hosting company and run your blog for ever.

2.There is no freedom:
You don’t have any freedom in free web hosting. You can not run your blog freely in free hosting as you can run it in paid hosting. there is a lot of rule in free hosting and that can restrict you only set up  a small blog only. You cant backup your database in free hosting. You should do it manually that will kill your time. You Will lose your web hosting right for inserting any pirated  download link.

3.Security less hosting:
The web hosting company for the first time will tell you a lot of sweet word about their hosting. After giving you this package they will never help you at all. The most important part is security and you are not secure in Free hosting. They will never backup your site. Most importantly you will not get security help from them.

4.Worst Uptime:
Most of the free hosting uptime is very bad. Many hosting everyday down one time its a very common matter. The uptime for a blog is very important if the site is down you may lose your valuable visitors. So you should ask your web hosting provider to maintain the uptime.

5.Complicated interface and limited service:
Control panel of the web hosting companies is very unfriendly and most of the time useful feature is not be found there. Such as Email is not available on the other hand mysql database can not be allowed more than two. On the other hand very easy feature seems to be very complicated in free hosting. Such as to use add on domain you have to face a lot of problem in some of the free hosting providers.

6. No  customer Service:
There is no customer service at all. Such as zero zero website a lot of apply for that but never got it. so understand now , they cant give you good hosting, how they will give you customer service?
If you got problem you can t do anything in free hosting.


Web hosting is very important. Don’t use it free. Paid hosting is the best. Some of the great paid hosting provider is hostgator, godaddy, bluehost etc . The service of them is great. You have to paid few bucks but get full control of your blog or website.For Professional blogging you must have paid web hosting. So what do you think?

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