How to stop receiving status update from facebook friends without unfriending them?

After long gap i am giving you an update article about facebook. sorry for late. You know,  Facebook friends are very helpful in a sense of sharing thoughts, feelings,news and various comments on several topics. Some time, we add friend from unknown source and for that get some unusual status update that we don’t like.
To avoid such kind of embarrassing situation, may be you want to cut friendship with that respective person whom do you add as friend before.

How to stop receiving status update from facebook friends without unfriending them?

 But actually in recent flexible method of using facebook with more customisation you don’t need to remove friends or unfriend for stop getting the status update which you don’t like. So that means if we like to keep friend in friend’s list but don’t want to get status update or some of the status that is boring to you can be set this option in facebook.
 So let us find how to stop getting some status update or complete update without removing as friends?

 Go to any status update of your friend that you don’t like. Then point your mouse at the right side of that person’s name. You can see a hover icon here . Just click on it. You will see another dialogue box appear   There is three options to choose. Select on the middle  hide story.

After that you can see at the place of status the story is hidden and the change settings message come out just click on it. Now you can customize here what kinds of update you don’t like to receive  or if you don’t like to get all then just give tick mark to all and lastly click on the unfollow option. 

From now what ever the person update,  you can not see it in your home page. Even though the person is still remain as your facebook friend. So next time if you want to see any status update from him or her just click on the follow option again. Thanks for reading

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