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How To Hide Facebook Friends List From Others?

6 years ago

Recently  Facebook has made a lot of changes. The very first privacy settings is now set for what all facebook users want to. What ever you like to do in facebook now is matter of  touching in settings pages and you are very well to go.For example if you like to control everything from your […]

How to disable usb port in windows without regedit?

6 years ago

How to disable usb port in windows without regedit? Long time ago i wrote post about this topic. It was described about disable usb port but using regedit. You know guys doing regedit is bit risky. If something goes wrong you have to install the windows again. So to avoid such kind of risk today […]

How to block facebook ads?

6 years ago

 You know that recently facebook is displaying too many ads on its home page. The ads are not unnecessary though. They target to show ads according to the users profile choice. But it some time can disturbed you to read status update and all the notifications.So if you really want to block the ads from […]