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How to use Html Alt Tag in blogger and wordpress To write Search Engine Friendly Post?


Do you like to write search engine friendly post? If so then today i am gonna show you how to use Alt Tag in blogger and wordpress To write Search Engine Friendly Post. Actually its a method of using Image in Post using alt Tag properly so that search engine bot can read the image .
Because for image google bot cant detect or read it on post. But when you will use Alt Tag then search engine will read the image and will count the image for showing results in search engine. Okay guys no more talk now, if you are new in blogging and don’t know how to use Alt tag in Image please read the articles below carefully:

How to use Html Alt tag in Blogger post

  1. Add an Image as usual method in your new post.
  2. Now click on the Edit HTML tab from the Post Editor Box Toolbar.
  3. Find your Image HTML Source code. Which is like                                                                                                    <img src= “”>. If you want to add a img Alt tag where the Alternative Text will be “SEO”. Then, just put a code like alt= “SEO” after the iamge souce link and within the end tag.                                                                                                                                              For example: <img src=” alt= “SEO” /> . Here an Alternative Name “SEO” has been added which can be readable by the search engines.
  4. Try to use your post keyword (Just one keyword) on your Image Alt Tag. It will give you visitors from Image Search of the search engines too.

How to use Html Alt tag in wordpress post

You know in our post we like to use image for describe the post most easily so that the reader can understand the post very well. But if we add only image but never add Html alt Tag in image then the search engine robot can not read the image and your post will never get search engine results. So to get the visitor from search engine for wordpress its a very easy to do so. what you have to do is just add an plugins in your wordpress blog.

Here is the link given below: SEO Friendly Images

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