Best PC Auto Shutdown Timer Software That I Am Using For Windows 10

Best PC Auto Shutdown Timer Software Windows 10

Recently after upgrade to windows 10 from windows 7 I was facing compatibility issues for some windows 7 software. In this regard when i was trying to run my previous auto shutdown timer software unable to execute it in windows 10. So I was shocked that now if want to shutdown my pc selecting specific times , it will not work anymore.

Best PC Auto Shutdown Timer Software Windows 10

Best PC Auto Shutdown Timer Software Windows 10

So tried on internet and find out a nice software Called Wise Auto Shutdown. This is very small tool and easy to install. Support all versions of windows.

Best wise Auto Shutdown Timer Software That I Am Using For Windows 10

After install wise mini shutdown tool in windows 10 I had noting to worried about my pc for make it shutdown , hibernate, sleep . It has auto shutdown, auto reboot, auto sleep and hibernate options. So if you like to control your power management system or keep your CPU with low tasks just use this software. More over you can use notify options if you didn’t like to shutdown the laptop or Pc, when your task is not finished yet  it will notify you before 5 minutes of shutdown and you can delay the times after selecting your desired time.

Best Wise Auto Shutdown Timer Software Download

Using this mini Software you will be very happy and you no need to worried when you like to  go for break of your work or if you like to choose at night to shutdown the pc a specific time after you go to sleep , just run this tool and it will keep your pc safe . For example when you like to download large amount of files or upload you might need to keep your pc on and you can choose timer after upload or download to shutdown the pc .It has everyday schedule shutdown times options you can use a specific time of shutdown at everyday, so you no need to touch it after setup wise auto shutdown in your pc for fist time.  It will do its business at background at it will auto hide at  desktop taskbar and running silently.
With easy and nice interface , easy to use you are ready to go and Don’t wait to check it out today. So why late and try it now.

Wise PC Auto Shutdown Timer Software For Windows 10 Download Link


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