Top Ten Comedy Natok List In Eid Ul Adha 2019

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Top Ten Comedy Natok List In Eid Ul Adha, 2019

2019 Year is going to end soon. And this time You will be happy if I give you Top Ten lists of comedy natok on Youtube. People watch movies to have fun. And if it’s a Comedy drama, then it’s even more fun people get. Drama gives us joy, thrill, delight and euphoria moment. I think, when you have the leisure time, You should watch drama to keep yourself vibrant. Today, I want to share top 10 Bangla Dramas of Eid-Ul-Adha, 2019. I think these lists will fill your swill undoubtly. I am saying, I am not a Critic but I am sharing my favourite lists. I hope, by these you will be satisfied and you will enjoy watching.

Vast popularity on youtube Channels these are the top 10 Comedy natok List in 2019 –


10. Deal Done Kalachan.

Starring- Mosharraf Karim and Safa Kabir.

9. Mobile Chor.

Starring- Afran Nisho and Tanjin Tisha.

8.  50 % Discount.

Starring- Tawsif Mahbub, Safa Kabir, Helal.

7. Proshongshay Ponchomukh.

Starring- Afran Nisho , Mehazabien and Mohidul Mohim.

6. Moddhorater Seba.

Starring- Rashed Shemanto and Orsha.

5. 3rd Gender.

Starring- Shawon and Bannah.

4. Faltu Reloaded

Starring- Tawsif Mahbub & Sabila Nur

3. Beautyfool

Starring- Afran Nisho and Mehazabien Chowdhury.

2. Bachelor Eid

Starring- Tawsif , Mishu ,Shamim , Polash , Chasi and Riya .

1. Sei Rokom Baki khor.

Starring- Mosharraf Karim and Ishana Khan.

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