Add your own photo in your pen drive as icon

Add your own photo in your pen drive icon

Many people use the same model pen drive. To keep all personal data protection people use pendrive. Sometimes, we face a problem. There are many pendrive with same model people are using. It is a problem to find out the real user who is. If each people set their own picture as the icon of pendrive, this problem can be solved easily.

This is because while you will insert a pen drive on your computer, your picture will appear on the pen drive icon.

To do you need these-

  1. Insert the pendrive in your pc.
  2. Ico type photo required.
  3. To make your photo icon use this tool.
  4. You have to create an auto run file.

Firstly insert the pendrive in your pc.

Insert The pendrive

now here keep the photo.ico file

Ico file

and then you have to create a notepad file and paste these code-

write these code



Save as

Now save as the file name: Autorun.inf

After all the process if you do correctly you will see as mine-

Pendrive icon

i assume you will not face any problem. If you found any wrong and unable to do it  you can comment below , i will answer you shortly. Thank you.

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