Backup Your Tweets Now In Tweetbackup

Its been long time i never write on twitter tips. Is it possible for me to stop giving tips on twitter? No its not. I am a twitter user and i also looking for whats new in twitter so if i have found something i would definitely try to share with you. Here today i am gonna tell you how to backup your all tweets which you have got on your tweets pages. So that in later you can eye on it and read what you have missed to tweets. So lets find out a suitable method for backing up twitter tweets on your hard drive.

How To Backup Your Tweets From

I have seen few posts about  this backup sites. And its a amazing backup sites that will no require any installation for any software or no need to log in your twitter account. What is the main great facilities of it that only by following this backup sites you will be able to backup your twitter tweets. At first log in it will take 48 hours to start for export your tweets. If its not activated then you have to contact with its admin. So the cool features of this backup sites are :
Free backup for your Twitter!

Now with 120,722,457 archived tweets!

~ Runs Over The Internet ~ Daily Backup

~ No Installation Required ~EasyTo Use

~ No Twitter-Password Required

So what do you think to try it? Just follow here:@tweetbackup
For the first time log in page its simply look like this:



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