Top Ten Comedy Natok List In Eid Ul Adha 2019

Top Ten Comedy Natok List In Eid Ul Adha, 2019

2019 Year is going to end soon. And this time You will be happy if I give you Top Ten lists of comedy natok on Youtube. People watch movies to have fun. And if it’s a Comedy drama, then it’s even more fun people get. Drama gives us joy, thrill, delight and euphoria moment. I think, when you have the leisure time, You should watch drama to keep yourself vibrant. Today, I want to share top 10 Bangla Dramas of Eid-Ul-Adha, 2019. I think these lists will fill your swill undoubtly. I am saying, I am not a Critic but I am sharing my favourite lists. I hope, by these you will be satisfied and you will enjoy watching.

Vast popularity on youtube Channels these are the top 10 Comedy natok List in 2019 –


10. Deal Done Kalachan.

Starring- Mosharraf Karim and Safa Kabir.

9. Mobile Chor.

Starring- Afran Nisho and Tanjin Tisha.

8.  50 % Discount.

Starring- Tawsif Mahbub, Safa Kabir, Helal.

7. Proshongshay Ponchomukh.

Starring- Afran Nisho , Mehazabien and Mohidul Mohim.

6. Moddhorater Seba.

Starring- Rashed Shemanto and Orsha.

5. 3rd Gender.

Starring- Shawon and Bannah.

4. Faltu Reloaded

Starring- Tawsif Mahbub & Sabila Nur

3. Beautyfool

Starring- Afran Nisho and Mehazabien Chowdhury.

2. Bachelor Eid

Starring- Tawsif , Mishu ,Shamim , Polash , Chasi and Riya .

1. Sei Rokom Baki khor.

Starring- Mosharraf Karim and Ishana Khan.

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