Best password Reminder Software That I am Using

When i am writing this post its 2011 already. So i must wish “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011” to all. Today is the first day of January in 2011 Here i am gonna share you today something that can be very helpful to you.
Lets say in recent time web browsing we need to remember so many password and user name.  So for having so many log in id and password it is quite difficult for us to remember them all.  On the other hand if we forget password its quite tough for us to get back new password again. So in that case you can use kee pass a portable open source software which will store all your password and user name. Here is the link to download :
This is a portable version you no need to install it all just use it from your usb stick and save all your
important password.

How to use kee pass


Firstly open it from usb
When you click file new
It will ask you to give master password
Give your pw here you must remember it
Every time you have to log in with this pw
Now go to edit tab click add entry then
Add title user name password notes
Then click save
You can add entry as much as you need.
So that’s how you need to use kee pass now lets say you need to use password just open the password entry and right click on it click copy and paste it to your desired log in address.

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