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Which is the best free antivirus?

5 years ago

In online you will fall in dilemma to find out which is the best free antivirus? If i ask you which is the best free antivirus? May be you will answer me that Avast. If i am not wrong most of the people says that best free antivirus is Avast antivirus. But In real Avg […]

12 Tips to Maintain a Virus Free Computer

5 years ago

Is your computer infected with virus? Do you often get mysterious error messages? Well this is a common problem faced by almost all the computer users across the globe. There are many viruses and worms out there that could infect your computer. Some are harmless, but, they do have the capacity to do any number […]

Which is the Best mac antivirus?

6 years ago

In Modern operating system mac is a important name.   we are using many kinds of OS but mac system is totally  different and strong security built in fastest OS. But recent time Kaspersky  technician has found some lack in the  system. Yes i am talking about mac antivirus. Even though mac developers proudly speak that […]

How to check That My Antivirus is Working?

8 years ago

Online and virus between  these two first one is friend and other is enemy to us. I mean i have Internet and i don’t have any virus in my pc if i guess like that then its very soon my pc will go to service vendor. Do you know that maximum virus are coming from […]

How to Know My Pc Has a Virus ?

8 years ago

Hi guys, How is going on now a day? I hope all are fine. May be sometime we cant be fine if our PC never behave with us correctly. why such kind of thing can be happened? Yes you are absolutely right if our PC got virus then it never show us its well nature. […]

Top 5 Free Antivirus That You Must know

8 years ago

If you want to use Most useful free antivirus than You must read this post.  Tell me how you  confirmed that your PC affected with virus?To run (TM) Task Manager?Yes If after Press (CTRL+Delete) together and task manager never run,You may have to think about PC that  affected with some fever!! Lol..Yes from that time […]

Prevent virus from pen Drive

8 years ago

You are not using are a offline user.But you have virus in your pc.Do you know how rapidly virus can attacked a pc even it is not connected to the Internet?yes it is possible if you use pen drive in your if you want to get rid of this situation I mean want […]

Escan a on demand antivirus (free download)

8 years ago

Every Internet user knows how much troublesome it is when a pc got virus.It is very little bit difficult also to remove virus when a pc got affected by virus.Actually Internet is the most common reason to spreading virus to the computer.who use Internet, virus is the first target for them.virus is rapidly building  up […]