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5 Simple Steps To Protect Your Small Home business From Spyware

5 Simple Steps To Protect Your Small Home business From Spyware If your computers are in any way connected with the internet they’re becoming frequently bombarded with spyware, viruses,  along with other malware. Here are 5 simple steps you can follow to block these programs, or  at least detect and get rid of spyware from […]

How to use your PC as a mic?

How to use your PC as a mic? Today, I will show you how we can easily use our most beloved computer as a mic. So let’s get started. First of all, You need to go to Control Panel. From there, enter into Sound. Select Recording from Sound>  Recording from Microphone Now listen to the […]

5 Ways to speed Up RAM

Before diving into the RAM usage tips, we should know what a RAM is ? I am briefly describing what RAM does if you are not familiar. RAM means random access memory. This is a short-term storage device that currently contains programs running on your computer. The more RAM you have on your machine, the […]

Add your own photo in your pen drive as icon

Add your own photo in your pen drive icon Many people use the same model pen drive. To keep all personal data protection people use pendrive. Sometimes, we face a problem. There are many pendrive with same model people are using. It is a problem to find out the real user who is. If each […]

XAMPP Server installation Guide

XAMPP Server installation Guide. How to setup XAMPP server on  computer?   What is Xampp? What is the purpose of using this and how to install on computer? xampp is a type of offline server. We can use this as a web server on our computer. We also have to install this xampp software to […]

Do You Know How To Check Windows Is Genuine Or Not?

Do you know How to check is windows genuine or not? Probably you would answer No I Don’t. The vast majority people after buy windows OS never check whether they are using genuine windows or not? Even it is true that Microsoft comes with genuine windows but after purchase of windows if you were forget […]

Disable windows Auto Update Forever In Xp ,Vista ,Seven

We know that to fix windows all kinds of Bug, security system update  and update most of the driver , windows update is very much compulsory. But what if after finishing all necessary windows update, if i turn off the auto update option permanently? I mean after having all kinds of necessary driver being updated […]

How to Transfer Music From Computer To iPhone

iphone is the king in mobile industry. There are so many stuffs that can be done using iPhone. Not only voice call but also for listen music, watching movies or playing games iPhone is the best device for all these stuffs. So if you are using iPhone too and wanna listen music from iPhone that […]

How To Lock Any Program in Windows?

Guys, May be you are using desktop pc with your family member. Some time for security purpose or protecting pc from any kinds of trouble, You may need to lock program. So that means if other person use your computer, he or she can not able to make any changes or run any program of […]

Fast file copy for windows

If you ask me what is the best way to send any file from PC to another media, i would say tera copy. For fast file copy in windows, tera copy is the best free utility that can copy any large kinds of file very faster. Not only for copying file faster but also it […]

Windows tutorial: How To Create Folder in Windows

Hi guys its been long time, i was looking for a chance to write a Tutorial on windows. My best luck that at last i am giving a simple tutorial about windows folder. You know its very easy to create folder in windows. Almost every PC user know how to make folder in windows. So […]

Download Free Bijoy Software For Windows 7 , xp or Vista

If you have problem in writings Bangla in windows 7 and you don’t have proper software for writing in Bangla and you are looking for Free Bijoy software then I honestly giving a clue and media fire link to download Bijoy Bayanno for windows7 . You can use this software for free. You don’t have […]

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