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How To Recover facebook admin fan pages After Lost it?

last year

  Recover facebook admin fan pages : Facebook is the large social media sites which is updating its features everyday. As we can see previously we can easily have access of facebook fan pages account can Recover facebook admin fan pagesĀ  but currently its not working due to facebook has changed some of their systems […]

How to play Hidden chess Games in Facebook messenger?

3 years ago

The Facebook messenger has hidden chessboard and cheese games at the chat options panel  for Facebook contacts person.But we very few of us know this secret games. How to play Hidden chess Games in Facebook messenger? If you regularly send text with your friends or colleague with Facebook messenger you would probably missed this opportunity […]

Facebook Has been given six new Emotions

3 years ago

Finally The large social media giant In the world has released six new Emotions to express feeling for the Facebook users. It was running last six months as experimental for few countries but from now on it is given to use from all 160 countries in Facebook . Definitely it is very logical ways of […]

How to Access Facebook In Bangladesh

3 years ago

Facebook can be easily logging in in Bangladesh even though government has blocked it. Recently The government of Bangladesh has restricted some social apps in Bangladesh due to security issues. Facebook is one of them which is most popular and everyday dairy of all kinds of people. So you may thinking now How to Access […]

Facebook Messenger Download For Windows

6 years ago

Facebook in online still keeping its position and rank number one in social networking arena.  You know that facebook has launched it s messenger. Now its very easy to connect with your facebook friends by facebook messenger. At last facebook has officially launched its first messenger for chat like google talk , skype or yahoo […]

How to Deactivate Facebook Timeline most Easy Way

6 years ago

Most of the people now are looking for get rid of facebook timeline. i personally are not using timeline. Yesterday i received a message in my email inbox one of my friends ask me how to get rid of timeline. Actually since timeline was beta mood anyone can remove or activate it. But currently facebook […]

How to Backup Facebook Easily

6 years ago

Everyday It is almost heard that most of people of Facebook users has been hacked or spoiled for many unnecessary reason! When you know about your facebook account has been hacked by some one or damaged, its become very painful for you. But you will be very happy to know that there is a solution […]

Download Facebook Video Very Easily

6 years ago

Hi guys what’s up? Is everything fine? Don’t mind, i have given a small tips to you for make your time more happy. I am not a crazy facebook user but for sometime for the sake of update my blog post i have to visit my facebook page and some time i do chat with […]

How To Know Who Remove Me On Facebook?

6 years ago

How To Know Who Remove Me on Facebook? Is there any easy method to know this ? Long time ago I wrote about it . That options to know who remove or ignore somebody on facebook is no longer available now. Due to few terms breaking reasons Unfriend finder plugins no longer working. So if […]

How To Use #Tag On Facebook?

6 years ago

Guys, Facebook has introduce #tag recently, it will enhance our facebook user to spread the conversation more flexible way and it will ease the option to follow any topics. Now lets find out what is facebook #Tag? How To Use Facebook #Tag On Facebook? How To Use #Tag On Facebook? Facebook hash tag is a […]

How To Hide Facebook Friends List From Others?

6 years ago

Recently  Facebook has made a lot of changes. The very first privacy settings is now set for what all facebook users want to. What ever you like to do in facebook now is matter of  touching in settings pages and you are very well to go.For example if you like to control everything from your […]

How to block facebook ads?

6 years ago

 You know that recently facebook is displaying too many ads on its home page. The ads are not unnecessary though. They target to show ads according to the users profile choice. But it some time can disturbed you to read status update and all the notifications.So if you really want to block the ads from […]

How to delete all facebook post from timeline?

6 years ago

How to delete all facebook post from timeline? Guys, whats up, Are you very old facebook user. You may using facebook for many years and months. There are huge numbers of status update in your time line.Might have a lot of post in your facebook time line? too.Would you like to clean up your old […]

Facebook shortcut Keys For New Facebook users

6 years ago

Are you new facebook user? Well, In our everyday computing there are many task need to do by shortcut ways and for finishing  the task faster, shortcut key is the best. We use many short code in windows. To get facebook task more faster you can look for this facebook shortcut keys too. Yes the […]

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