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How to Submit Website to Google For Indexing?

How to Submit Website to Google For Indexing?   The best 3 Steps to submit your site to Google for indexing. If you want to get traffic from Google, You must have to get indexed. Because, if Google does not know about your website, you are never going to get any search traffic. So, Today […]

How To Use Gmail SMTP to Send wordpress Email ?

Use Gmail SMTP to Send wordpress Email ? After successful blogger to wordpress migration , we have found another email authentication issues which is Gmail unable to verify who is the real sender of the mail. By default wordpress has automatic email notification for successful installation to the admin email accounts. I have seen i […]

How to backup whatsapp Message To Google Drive ?

After latest update and more features added on the popular communication app whats app messenger, you might be more happy to know that it has included back up function . You can backup whats app message to Google Drive every day or weekend or every month. Whatever you Like with just one click. Why you […]

Control Other Pc Using Remote Access From google Chrome

Guys we everybody knows about Team viewer and How this program works for remotely access to other computer now at recent time we can do it by using our favourite Google chrome browser. To access other PC we just need to activate a google chrome extension. To have this option both PC must have google […]

How to send Executable File Via Gmail 100% working

Hi guys, How are you ? I hope well. Okay friends last night i had faced a problem about sending a exe file via Gmail. The more i was trying to attached the the more the Gmail security alert was showing this is a executable file for security purpose this file can not be attached. […]

How to add image with signature Most Easily in Gmail

Hi, In online most of the user like to use GMail. Its a very popular free web mail service that is giving tremendous support to the Internet user. Last week i receive a email from my friends jack, he sent me the mail with Image and signature. Then i was looking for it How to […]

How To Trace Email Sender Location In Gmail,Yahoo,Live ?

Every email when it is sent from a computer has its own IP Address. Without this Internet email can not be sent to the recipients. So for this reason if any email reached to its recipient, he or she can trace the sender location by obtaining the respective ip Address .This process need two things […]

How To Type Bangla In Gmail?

It is a common thing to send email in Bangla language along side English. Sending Email in Bangla language, you may require to install third party software on your Desktop PC. But Gmail has launched Bangla email facilities along side  many others language too. In gmail you can type bangla using phonetic style and even […]

How to Auto logout From Gmail?

Plenty of time i have to logout from Gmail after sign in. But is it possible for me to auto logout from GMail after log in. I was looking for such kind of facilities from Gmail and luckily Gmail has introduced new Auto logout option after a definite session . So if you have a […]

Save or download Gmail Zip attachment from android mobile

Do you have android phone?  Most of us like to use Gmail in our mobile. Android phone comes with preinstalled GMail apps which is common app you can find it in all android mobile. The feature of receiving mail and sending is very common and easy in gmail android device.But the problem is when somebody […]

Too long to login googletalk lab edition problem Solved

Hi guys its a new problem for those who like to chat in google talk lab edition in invisible mood but recently it has taken   too long to login and at last the person unable to login anymore.You cant able to chat in Gtalk with invisible mood. How to solve this login problem.Actually i […]

Send Free Sms From Gmail To Any Mobile

I had given couple of post for sending free sms to any mobile . But that kinds of sites are  not so much reliable to send free sms and sometime they stop giving free sms service.Even though there is a lot of hindrance for sending free sms from online, at this time Most reliable and […]

How accurate is the Google Page Rank?

Google’s support forum for webmasters doesn’t want website owners to worry too much about the Page Rank of their sites or pages thereof. Perhaps that is too old a metrics for gauging popularity of a site.The concept was invented in 1998 by Larry Page, a student of Stanford University. Google does not assign much importance […]

How to Make short URL for Google+ profile with

Guys as i spoke earlier i will be regular in blogging here so that’s why today i have given to you a short tips for google plus. You know very well that recently google plus has become so popular same as facebook. But what is the problem in google plus is that we cant […]

Can I chat in Google Talk As Invisible ?

Many of us have Google Talk. We have this account for talking with our Gmail Account holder. who have this id can talk each other pretty easily. But Can we go offline while we chat online in Google Talk? Mind the word : ” Chat in Offline Mood” Do you ever try this? I hope […]

Manage multiple gmail Accounts just from One Gmail

Google has launched another tremendous gmail feature today. It is called email delegation. The feature will allow you to easily manage multiple gmail accounts so easily. You can manage all your gmail accounts from one single gmail now. I hope with this feature any gmail user will be benefited there is no doubt about that. […]

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