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How to Access Facebook In Bangladesh

3 years ago

Facebook can be easily logging in in Bangladesh even though government has blocked it. Recently The government of Bangladesh has restricted some social apps in Bangladesh due to security issues. Facebook is one of them which is most popular and everyday dairy of all kinds of people. So you may thinking now How to Access […]

How to activate New Facebook Timeline To Your Profile

7 years ago

Most popular social networking website Facebook recently has introduced new feature is called Timeline. Its a profile where you can customise your profile more easily and make your profile more attractive and smart looking. Facebook currently introduced timeline in developers stage. To get it as a regular user you have to do some extra works. […]

How To Backup Bookmarks From Mozilla Firefox

8 years ago

No more .This post when I am writing currently is shifted in my own domain.From now you can visit this blog just type: okay the topics of today’s post also about websites address. You may have a lot of sites bookmarked on Mozilla but you don’t know how to backup this bookmark page. why […]

How To Write Bangla In Any web pages

8 years ago

Hi guys, I never know very few days ago How to write bangla in any webpages.I have seen a lot of time in facebook bangla writing by others.Yesterday one of my friends asked me to know how he can write bangla in Facebook?Actually not only facebook but also all webpages.So that’s why i was looking […]

Learn How to Recover A Deleted File From Recyclebin?

8 years ago

Hi guys Few days ago I have given a post How to recover a deleted file from computer which we accidentally delete.But At that post I never show you the whole process of recover the file.Don’t worry today buylevitra24 while i was browsing online found another software for very easily   to recover a deleted file.This […]

How To Backup your Facebook Information

8 years ago

There are many Facebook user now are facing account banned problem.Many facebook user’s Account has been banned.Dismiss a Facebook Account means you lost  your facebook friends,Data, image everything forever.So one day may be you can face this kind of situation.But Today i m gonna share you how to Backup your Facebook Data?so to protect of […]

How to take websites screen shot in jpg?

8 years ago

Desktop picture You can capture any web page Screen shot in jpg/gif format using a small software.I am using this software.So,  To take picture of any webpage, you have to install webshot.Try it size:<1.0mbdownload link: click here to download WebShot You can visit also Take a pc screen shot!! if you like this post you […]

How to use Internet Most Effectively

8 years ago

Hi Guys, This post will help you to understand – What is Internet? Why should we use Internet ? How should we use Internet? How to Earn Money using Internet? What is Internet Well, we everybody know about Internet.There is none who don’t heard about this system.According to free encyclopedia Internet is.. “The Internet is […]

How to view any password of a website

8 years ago

Hi guys, Today I’m gonna show you how to find the passwords of anyone who uses your pc.That is on Mozilla Firefox.Please only use this browser if you need to.okay.First step:Open Mozilla FirefoxNext, go to tools- OptionsAll right .now go to security taband now just hit the “show passwords“button twice.And there you have it. Author:faridul […]