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Backup Your Tweets Now In Tweetbackup

Its been long time i never write on twitter tips. Is it possible for me to stop giving tips on twitter? No its not. I am a twitter user and i also looking for whats new in twitter so if i have found something i would definitely try to share with you. Here today i […]

Are you getting bored for Twitter new follower messages?

Twitter door is open for you now. When you have started on twitter and everything is going well for you. You are doing tweets following new people getting huge followers all the stuff are nicely going on but.. Ya something is not going right for you. whats that?You are crazy twitter user and You have […]

How to update status on twitter more than 140 characters ?

I am large ! Most popular micro blogging sites in twitter some time we need to update our status or tweet more than 140 characters. Unfortunately twitter never give the facilities of updating status more than 140 characters. But if we need to update on status more than 140 characters, what should we do?Is there […]

Update twitter status now more easily in Mozilla Firefox

There are so many status update option have for twitter in Internet .But there is a fine add ons has in FireFox for update status in twitter.This add ons name is Echofon.If you install this add ons you can update your status from FireFox with just one single click .You no need to open twitter […]

Import blog post to twitter Automatically

Hi Guys, My previous post I talked about how to import blog to facebook Today I am gonna share you how to import blog post  to Twitter .  It’s a good news that you can import your blog post to Twitter..If you are a blogger and if you want to post your blog content on […]

Do you like to know when a twitter user go sleep?

Hi friends, You can use twitter now for control your pc right?In This post today let me know you when do twitter users go for sleep?its very interesting isn’t it? Because now you can know when do twitter users go sleep? without asking them this directly? its very funny.Let us do little bit fun more.If […]

Is it possible to control pc using twitter?

Hi friends, I have given few tips about facebook but still I never write anything about another very popular micro blogging sites Twitter.Is this very good for you and for twitter lovers? No I think I must write something about twitter also.Please keep patience my friends I am gonna share a good tip about twitter.Do […]

privacy policy for facebook and twitter

Hi everybody, do you know in recent time, there is a lots of information’s have been licking out through most popular social media web sites facebook and twitter. How this kind of thing has been published ?If you are a face book or twitter user how many times you update your status?This is very easy […]

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