Free Call To Any Country From PC Or Mobile?

Happy new year 2013 to all of you. You know guys, i am feeling lucky that on the first January 2013 i am giving you a nice tune. Yes, its a free call opportunity to any country. There are many post about this free call service
but most of them are scam. Don’t think this is a scam. Truly, you can call free to any country mobile or Land phone . But this free call can be done only first time only 5 mins. That means every Sim or every new sign up users can able to call free at first 5 mins only and only one time.

Even its only one time and and first 5 min but this free call will be very helpful to you if you like to call in foreign country and without costing any penny. Because to abroad for 5 mins you have to spend  large amount of money.

Free Call To Any Country From PC Or Mobile?

Well, now lets see How To Call Free to Any Country?

How To free call to any country Using

First of all,
Go To this site. Sign up here. from mobile or PC
2.Click on Try us out with a free Call will get a sign up form , write down first name, last name, country, phone number
The phone you use for call don’t use “0” give your Email , password and lastly click on “Agree to our term” 
4.Select “Make a free call” From welcome to localphone
5.Now Whom do you like to call  select his or her name, number then “choose how to call”
6. Now select “Call from your phone”
7. select “Call me  now” you will receive automatically a call press “1” and the line will cut off
8.After reload page you will see “make your free call now” or “continue calling”
9. Now click on that , you will get another call to your mobile and you don’t have to do anything just receive the call and you will automatically connected with the respective person whom do you  want to talked. But for only 5 mins
That’s it

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