How much Should You spend For setup a blog?

How much Should You spend For setup a blog?

How much Should You spend For setup a blog?

Hello everyone, How are you?

Today, I want to share with you a serious matter that as a new blogger face always in order to create their fast blog. Yes, I know many pro blogger never have no issue on this because they are now in the top rated. But as a new how much should you spend to setup a successful blog?

Today, I want to give you a guideline regarding this in brief. Because I know, You want to live the laptop life style which will grant you to make online money easily. Yet, I am not a full time blogger but as a part timer it is an interesting job that you will ever have. But I must need to say that if you really want to live the laptop life style then you should comment below and write me about you are really serious on this and you must have to spend a lot of time in front of laptop.

Do you know which platform is good for you as a new?

There are multiple platforms available for blogging. But the best, I would like to suggest you to select WordPress for blogging. Because there is many facilities that you will have in WordPress or other platforms don’t have these. Actually you will get your satisfaction in blogging life if you stay in WordPress.

After choosing the right platform you have to design your blog by using a simple theme. There are many many free beautiful theme available in internet for WordPress also you can buy paid theme. If you buy a paid theme then there you will get many features that you will never be allowed in free version of these theme. Besides, By using paid theme you will be able to customize your site without any developer.

Afterwards, You can modify your blog with your own style which will designate you.

Now you need to use some plugins. It depends on your blog type, niche, what type article you are going to let off for your audience. firstly you have to research a little bit how to install them and which why should you need to use them?

After installing  plugins, start your blog journey without becoming addicted to disinterested. Thank you

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