How to Block Any website without Any Software In Windows 7, vista, Xp

Hi guys, How is going on everything? I hope fine. Its my pleasure again that i am going to write for you a nice tricks for blocking any websites without any software at all and it will works in windows 7, vista or xp.
You know now a days there are some website which can kill your time such as Facebook, twitter etc and some website are potentially harmful for the children. So in this case what can we do that is – Block that kinds of website without installing any software. Today I am gonna show you a easy way

How to Block Any website without Any Software In Windows 7, vista, Xp

To do this you have to go to Run and type following commands on the run box:


You have to run it as administrator to your PC then click OK button
You will see a open with dialogue box will appear here you have to select notepad to open this file then click OK button

Notepad will open as this picture shown below:
Here you need to Go to the last line, that is localhost and as soon as it ends (one line after it) type in or copy the following line:

You can add as many as you want to block.
Now after adding the list of blocking website name click on file > Save as button then in the file name box keep it as hosts and select all files then click save. If any prompt option come select yes.  As the picture shown below:

 while saving this file your computer antivirus program will tell you that your computer is in risk. Just ignore it. Because this changes is made by you. So you no need to panic for that.

Now type and press enter from any browser the page will not come. You can see a error message is displaying.
So if you want to enable the website the effectiveness of propecia from blocking just delete that line and save the file.
That’s it
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