How to cancel friend request in facebook

How to cancel friend request in facebook ? Guys its been long time now we are using facebook. Huge numbers of facebook users have a lot of friends in their facebook. Its not so easy to create thousand friends by a night. It takes time.
But after sending friend request if you feel that the request has been sent to wrong person or the person whom you don’t feel any comfortable then is there any possibility to cancel the friends request?

How to cancel friend request in facebook?

Few days ago i had fallen such kinds of embarrassment. I sent friends request some of the people that i was thinking after request sent that the person was wrongly chosen by me. So i was feeling too embrace that if the request  has reached and the person never approved its a drastic feeling. I hope you too often had fallen such kinds of stage. But facebook has developed a lot. Now you can use all kinds of settings  and customization  on facebook. Here is How to cancel friends request after sent? First of all go to the person profile whom do you sent friends request. Then at the top right hands corner you will see a message has been displayed that ” Friends Request sent”
On this message hover your mouse and you can find below cancel friends request. Just click on that and a confirmation dialogue box will appear just click confirm. You are done.

From finds a friend page, After sending friends request from Add a friends column, you can immediately cancel friends request see the above picture:

I hope you will get relief from embarrassment after cancel request.
But don’t always cancel friends request due to increase of your friends in facebook.

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