How To Hide any files in an image in windows xp

Hi guys i hope everything is going on nicely and i hope you are gonna be a regular visitor of this blog. As i posted before how to hide a files or folder without any software but today’s post is more funny and nice to hide a files or folder to your computer.

You know guys personally we like to hide our some important files or text documents password and secret videos for make it private and what if we hide such kinds of stuff in a image files so that if the images are visible but all those stuff will remain hide. Yes today i am gonna share you this tip

How to hide a folder or files in an image ?


its not so hard just follow me and you can easily will be able to do hide your personal text or videos what ever you want into the image file. Please take note that to complete this process you must have file compressing software. You know this is pretty small and most popular software you can use winRar, 7zip or other. So lets start here we go :

First of all you should select the files which you want to hide and then make a folder at C drive and copy the file into the C drive and after copy the files compress it and give a new name like for example now open the command prompt and type the code cmd and command prompt will open and now type cd then type the folder name then enter again then the tricks most important part you should copy the hidden files and the hidden zip  files and give a new files name then press enter
Your files hidden process has finished.

For more understanding i am giving here step by step process with the copy code.
For compressing file i am using here because this is open source and very small file.You can download it from here.
1.Make a new folder in drive c lets say we give the name to it Test
2.Now choose a picture files where the video files (eg.hem.mp4) and text files ( will be hidden
3.For example the picture is Fh.jpg (Here hem video and pw text file will be hide.)
4.Now copy the text and video file into the test folder
5.Now compress all of the files(hem.mp4+pw.text) and give a new name

6.Now open the command prompt window type run and then type cmd

7.Type cd press enter
8.Type cd test press enter and type the code below this is very important part
9.copy / b fh.jpg + fhsecrt.jpg press enter
A new files will be copied
Deselect the command prompt window now go to the Test files and delete the compress files. Now look at the picture fhsecrt.jpg nothing are seen here.Now the question is how to view the hidden files and folder ? Its nothing tough just follow this steps below:
You can view the hidden files in two ways, First change the image file extension to .Rar or .zip and open it using win rar or 7 zip. Secondly 1.Select the image file.
2.Now add to zip right click open 7 zip add to Archive
3.Now a new file will be created with the same name
4.Right click on it and click 7zip and click open archive
5.Now you can see the Image file double click on it .
6.You can see all the hidden files or folder.

I hope from now you can hide any file inside a image. Some of the people said the image file must be in jpg format but actually you can choose any file for hiding your important documents. I try my best to make this tip to  understandable to you, even after reading this post if you face any problem to make files hidden inside image just comment here and i will try to reply as soon as possible. The main part is you have to type the code correctly and must need to give space between a word. if not the cmd function will not realize your command. And you cant copy files.
Note: This Trix i apply on windows xp for windows 7 i haven’t apply yet but you may try and let me know if it work in windows 7 also.

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