How To Install Windows XP A Complete Guide

We everybody know about Windows Xp Operating System. Generally its a Graphics operating system. Microsoft is the owner of this OS. This is very popular OS amongst the others computer operating system.
First  at 2001 it came to the market. After launched to the public it gained huge acceptability to all kinds of computer users. Hardly you can find any who never use this OS.
After became available to the market, the company of Microsoft had changed its some features and upgrade it. At present the last version of windows xp is service pack 3 . At 2008 came to the market. Even though it is same as Linux OS but its not available to download. You have to purchase it. The price is affordable. From nearest any PC shop, it can be found.
 In Bangladesh 60% people still using Windows xp ,even Microsoft release windows vista, seven and Eight.
Until now most of the countries people and corporate office and company are using windows Xp.

How To Install Windows XP A Complete Guide

Now How to Install Windows Xp ? A complete windows xp installation Tutorial For you. For beginners and expert users both will be benefited after following this Complete Installation guide of Windows xp.  So lets find out  How To install windows Xp in a fresh PC?

To set up windows xp in a PC, you have to follow step by step instruction which is given here.
Before setup windows xp, You have to go to Bios and change the boot settings. Select first boot as CD Room Drive. then save the settings and Restart windows.

How To Access the BIOS Setup Utility

To go into Bios press F2 key. Some time some PC can not be possible to enter Bios by pressing F2 then try F1 or F3 key. While your PC is restarting press Del key or F1 key to enter bios setup configuration. Every PC is not same to enter bios but mostly it says to press Esc key or F2 key. You need see what is the on screen messages. While windows began to start keep eyes on the onscreen, you may see something like this:
-‘Press F1 to enter setup’
–‘BIOS settings: Esc’
–‘Setup = Del’
–‘System configuration: F2’
Your computer’s documentation may also tell you which key to press.

How To Install Windows XP A Complete Guide

  • Go to bios settings by press F12 or delete key. choose CD-ROM as 1st Boot and save exit. 

  • Choose 1st boot As CD/DVD 
  • Restart computer 
  • After That wait for a few seconds, computer will show “Press any key to boot from CD”.. Messages will appear, just press any key to begin 

    A blue screen will pop up. All the setup configuration files will load automatically. No need to do anything here. Let it be load itself.  

     After finish to load all set up files press Enter.
    Now They will ask you, whether you agree to the Terms and Conditions, As we are agree press F8
      Now, You will be ask Do you like to Repair windows? As we want to install fresh copy of windows, so press ESC from keyboard. If it never ask such question , don’t worried just ignore it. And press Enter to continue.
      Now select your system Drive. That means C Drive. Then press D from keyboard. Then Enter.  Then again press L so you will see C drive partitions will be deleted. Then press Enter again.  It will ask to select partitions From here select NTFS format then press Enter

So your C Drive will begin to format. Everything will be automatically. You no need to do anything.

 If format complete, setup file will be copied to hard disk. If copy finished, computer will auto restart.
Mind it, Even computer restart it will show again “press any key to boot from CD… Here don’t do anything. All will be done automatically.
Now You can see the screen as picture shown below. Don’t need to do anything. Everything will be auto. 
After wait a while a pop up dialogue box appear, press next button.
Write down your name and companies name. Write as you like. Then press next
Now CD key need to type. Check on the DVD pack CD key has been written over there. 
It will show you, your computer’s name. If you want to use password as admin then go to Administrator password and type it. Confirm password and press next
At the next step select Date and Time Zone. Keep here everything as Default and press Next
Network settings will pop up, here mark at Typical setting Radio button and press Next
This step no need to change anything. So press next
Then you can see the screen as picture shown below and PC will setup automatically. After setup finish, PC will Restart
Computer will be open. As you haven’t eject Cd again press any key to boot from Cd.. Message will appear, no need to press any key
A message will pop up as picture shown below. Just press OK button.
Again A message will pop up as picture shown below. Just press OK button.
Now here click on /next button
It may check Internet connection, so press skip on this step
Press skip again
It will ask you to registrar. Here click on not now then press next button
Now type user name. Then press next button
Everything is done. Just press at Finish button. 
Now You can see Welcome Screen 
After few seconds You can see Desktop screen
Now You have complete Setup windows xp . You can take a tour at the right below screen . You have successfully completed set up windows xp in your Computer. 🙂

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