How to set windows 7 Os as default boot with Ubuntu 10.10

Hi guys, you have already got my post that is about How to install ubuntu in windows 7. After successfully installed ubuntu – what i have found  that when ever i try to boot my computer, every time ubuntu will start up.

Windows 7

I cant get windows 7 as my default boot OS. So if i want to use windows 7 – i have to choose myself from grab loader, which OS i want to log in. so it is quite troublesome to select windows from grabloader. I was looking for finding solution of it. And finally i managed to get that. Here i am showing you how to set windows 7 as default boot device after installing ubuntu.

Lets start:
Firstly  you have to go system –> Administration and see for Startupmanager if it is not their

Now go to Applications –> Accessories –> Terminal and type

sudo apt-get install startupmanager

It will ask for your password give it now
It will ask Do you want to continue {y/n}?
Type “y” and press Enter
After installation is over close the terminal.
Now once again you have to go system –> Administration —> now you will see a new Startupmanager button
open it and you can see
Default operating system: by default it is Ubuntu
select windows 7 as default OS.
Timeout in seconds: by default it is 10 second if you want, you have to increase the
second 15,20 etc.,
Now you can choose time settings 10 seconds to 20 seconds.
At last close tab and Restart your system. you can see windows 7 will boot.
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