How to Stop Others Posting In Your Wall in Facebook

At last Facebook has given the user to control something on posting Data on wall. Its not bad if you have seen somebody posted something in your wall. I feel that i am not alone when somebody say something on my wall. You will be happy too i suppose. In the real sense its a good facts when people posted not bad things. But if you have seen some unusual things in your wall which has been posted by your friends or others that can be shocking to you, isn’t it? I hope this will not happened to you any more. So you may thinking now is there any idea 

How to Stop Others posting in my wall in Facebook? 


You can modify your wall doing something settings changes on your facebook page. Here how to change this settings:
You can block your facebook wall so that your friends unable to post anythings in your wall.

So to stop this things happened to you in Facebook you have to change your privacy settings page. Go to Your Account then privacy settings page click on customize you will find the word“Friends can post on my wall” Just disable it. If you want to activate again click on enable it. So that’s how you can control Facebook wall page now.

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