Iris apps on I phone Makes travel In Singapore More Comfortable

You know I am currently living in Singapore. And this is a excellent city to live in. I feel like my own home. I am enjoying my journey by bus in Singapore very much. In Singapore there are very few people here who are not using mobile. More over the user of i phone also remarkable. From my wake up when i start my day with SBS transit bus i had seen most of the the passenger pretty busy with i phone. Some of them listen music some of them chat on facebook and some are finding location on GPS. Yes location for bus, its destination, schedule everything now you can get more easily with iris apps. This is a new application specially made for sbs transit bus service for the benefit of the Singapore citizen. So from now you don’t have to be worried for bus if you have installed iris in your i phone. Iris has two parts. iris NextBus and iris Journey Planner.

What is iris apps?


iris is the acronym for “Intelligent Route Information System” which provides bus travel information to enhance commuters’ travel experience with SBS Transit. iris offers two applications to help the commuters better plan their journeys: a) iris NextBus and b) iris Journey Planner.

irisjourney planner:
If you have iris journey planner you can easily get the bus info,shortest travelling time, when you like to use LRT and/or NEL So this is gonna be a extra helping apps for your relax moving on the bus or LRT. I hope you gonna install now.
NextBus :
Its very boring for me when i waiting for next bus. I every time face this problem specially on the working day at my nearest bus stop. You may be feel boring too for waiting for next bus. But if you like to know when next bus will arrive to you then this apps will help you to find out. Your boring time will decrease. And you can adjust your waiting time by knowing the next bus arrival time. So you are a crazy i phone user just installed it with your soft finger tips now. And enjoy tension free journey in Singapore city.

with the iris app, travel will be so much easier, You
can now find out with a touch when your next bus
will call at your bus stop or check for the fastest
route to your destination. The iris app also comes
equipped with in – built alarms to remind you when
to head out so that you won’t miss your bus

Download the app here.

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