Most Growing Socail Network Google plus | Here its some cool features and news

We know in social networking arena facebook is most popular. Now in recent time google corporation giant search engine in the on line has launch a new social networking sites google plus like facebook. Most user facilities in google plus is you can log in your google plus home page using gmail account.
So you should not log in from google plus again. After log in your gmail account. The url of this new social sites is http://plusgoogle.comMostly interface is similar like facebook. Here you can create circle as like facebook, and you can upload photos and videos as well. Most benefit of using google plus is you can customize google plus profile page with your own choice like you can select not to show your profile in search in google. Here is got photo tab,video tab,+1tab,baz tab etc.Now lets take a look about


  Most Growing Socail Network Google plus | Here its some cool features and news

Google plus feature.

Browser:It can be browse most of the browser like Mozilla firefox,internet explorer,google chrome and safari.  

How to invite friends in google plus:To invite friends in google plus click on the right hand side corner at the home page at send invites tab invite people to join google plus. So a new pop up window will be open. Here at +add people to invite write down the email address whom do you like to invite. So in your friends inbox will be sent invitation email from google plus.  

Google profile:Now there is no different page as like google profile. Your google profile link would be use as your google plus profile. So when you browse your google profile it will redirect to google plus profile.

How to share post:Which post you gonna like to share as public or for your circle you can select that. So you can get customize facilities in post sharing option. Lets say in facebook you cant update post for definite friends when you go share update all your facebook friends can view the post but in google plus you can choose whom do you want to view your post update. So for this reason just click at the top of the  
share button’s public,friends etc. Google+1tabThis is more like facebook like button. But it has great significant than facebook like button. This is the best option for you to recommend something to the next of the people.  

How to create circle and add people in circle:Its like facebook category or list. To create circles just click on circle. To add people on new circle just drop here people as you need on your circle.

How to share from gmail:To share any post from gmail just click at the top right corner on gmail ‘s share button and click share.

Google plus email in gmail:You can get update news or any new post if share on your googlr plus on your gmail email. So you can know if any new post is share to you from gmail. By editing settings you can stop notifications.  

Google picasa :You can view your google picasa photo on your google plus photo album. Or if you Want to add photo from google plus to picasa all photo will be stored in scrapbook photo album in picasa .  

How to email from google plus:You can email from google plus just select the person which you want to send email below his name click send mail button. Your mail will be send to that person gmail.

Google plus in mobile:You can use it from your mobile. Here is the link
Chat option:Click at the left panel at the home page friends to chat  

Hangout:This is used for video and voice chat. Click at right panel and start hang out for voice or videochat but you have to install google plugins for this option.  

Google plus settings:You can change your settings from google plus settings. To stop notification as mail,change privacy,to set language etc.You can use settings options to download data, to add other account,to delete google plus account. Etc  

Facebook vs google plus:Yes there is some similarity in google plus and facebook. Here is given below Google plus has stream as like facebook status. Google plus has got three column. Both have share re share tag photo comment and notification system. Chat search has both. Facebook has like google plus has +1 It has circle and facebook has list

Extra facilities in google plus:In google plus you can share your location. You can do group video chat. The things which don’t have in google plus: Facebook got question facilities and google plus it s not. Facebook got group net. And a lots of apps which google plus are not. Thanks for reading.

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