Only Using A Pendrive Hack All Passwords From Another Computer

Hi guys what’s up? Everything is smooth i guess ? Okay no problem guys even if you have some hectic days in your life today i am going to give you a hacking tips yes a tips for taking all password from another computer for making  some fun.You don’t believe it right?
Last time i was hesitate to write about it unless i persuade you to use this tips for bad purpose. Okay forget it. If you give me a word that you are not gonna use this tips for harm other persons then Here is my Passwords hacking tips for you and mind it this is really a bad deed indeed to take password of others without permission. Okay guys don’t worry even if you think you like to get protected for such kinds of hack, don’t worry i will tell you too how to keep your PC protected from such kinds of Hacking. Okay guys no more talk now lets see

How to Hack all password from other PC Using Only a pendrive

First of all download this small rar file to your pc. Then Extract  all its file to your pendrive. Then no more worry. You are done. Now go to other pc and plug in your pendrive . All password will come to your pendrive. Now mind it if the user pc Autorun option is off then may be you will not get all passwords. so what you have to do is double click on LAUNCH file . And that’s all. Antivirus can not detect all these file except AUTORUN file. So dont worry about it. Now How to view all password from your pendrive? you can see some text file has created with the name of WebBrowserPassView. All password you can get from here. This method will work in  Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox (All Versions), Google Chrome, and Opera **For safety purpose You can hidden all these file from your Pendrive So that victim never understand** ;) :P Now you want to protect your pc from such kind of Hack?Okay Just off AutoRun . And use master password. Tools -> Options -> Security / Passwords -> Use a master password.

How to off AutoRun?

First of all Type Run in windows start buton and press enter and then Type: gpedit.msc Click OK  Now  Group Policy -window will open. Group Policy -Here at right pane click one time or if the pane is left click two time and then go to : Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > SystemNow at right pane ‘s Setting- Option- no 6 (Turn off Autoplay) Double Click.  Now Turn off Autoplay Properties Will appear. Turn off Autoplay Properties- Here select Enable Radio button option and its below Turn off Autoplay on: Menu: select All drives and click on OK. Come out from Group Policy- RestartYour Pc You are done.

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