Use Gmail as data hard disk | internet hard drive

You can use any Data from your Hard disk to save in your Gmail Account directly as the picture shown below. Use Gmail as Data hard disk You have to install Gmailfs113 (160 KB ) a small plug- in your computer. So download this plug-in.You can say this a Internet hard drive can set […]

Ram Cleaner – Fast your computer without Restart

I hate computer! Don’t be afraid .Yes I hate computer which is very slow.I always try my best to make fast my computer.A computer can be slow for many reasons.Such as temporary files, registry files, cookies, windows log files etc.All are responsible to make a pc slow.You can clean using ccleaner but you cant clean […]

Top 5 Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook is a such  social media where large number of people access each other with a very low To developed online community & business Facebook  is the safer place to do.Right now it has 200 million active people which is increasing day by day, for social networking marketing facebook is the best place. Here […]

How to Repair or Fix Hard Disk Bad Sector

How to Repair or Fix Hard Disk Bad Sector Yesterday I chat with one of my Facebook Friends Rony Barmon.He wanted to set up windows xp.But he was unable to set up windows at all so He asked for helped to me.I told him a lot of reason for not set up windows, one of […]

Hybernate your computer within Few second

Lets say You are doing very important work in your pc and open a lot of programme at the same time one of your friends come to you and ask you to go outside.You are in a dilemma now can not closed the pc or go with your friend.Because if you shut down your pc […]

Bangla and hinde Fm radio software | online bengali radio

You may listen fm radio from mobile.But  now very easily  you can listen fm radio from  online Bangla , Hinde, English, BBC, Voice of America, Espn sports etc .You need to install only Internet Radio bangla v3.0 software in your pc .So you can listen  online Bangla , Hinde, English, BBC, Voice of America, Espn […]

Mp4, 3gp, mp3 xilisoft video converter

To convert a video xilisoft is very useful.Xilisoft video converter can convert any video file to 3gp, mp4,mp3, aac, wma, wav etc very easily.I am personally using xilisoft video converter.Here I am giving you download link. Mp4, 3gp, mp3, wav, wma  etc converter Size:14.3mbDownload link 1:Click Here to Download xilisoft video converter. Size:24.89MBDownload link 2:Click […]

Free bengali book from internet and download free pdf reader

Now a lot of online user like to download bengali book from Internet in pdf format.Rabindranath, Humayun Ahmed, Jafor Iqbal, Shomresh mojomder etc all kinds of bengali writer books are available now  in online. You will be impressed to see the collection of bengali books.using pdf reader you can very easily read bengali books .If […]

Recover Internet Explorer or website password

If you are using Internet Explorer, you can recover lost password (websites uses ).This is such as you forgot your password which you have used for yahoo, google, msn, facebook etc & even more websites. There is no need to be worried .you can recover all password -if you enable remember me option.As the picture […]

How i run expire trial software |Run as date

A trail software never run after finish its when we use a trail software for our pc we can not use it further after its date is over.But I have got solution for you to run this software again.You can run the software again using “Runasdate“ using this software you can run any kinds […]

Copy full site for offline use

You can copy a full website and keep it to your computer for offline use.When You will out of online you can visit the site .So for this you have to download “httrack” software.When you don’t have Internet connection you can visit the website in offline for off line Internet uses this software is […]

Easy way to download youtube videos

As far as I know that you can not download videos from never keeps any system to download any videos from youtube.But for that We can not download youtube videos?Yes, It is possible to download videos from youtube, today i am going to share two very simple tips to directly download videos from youtube.May […]

Protect folder by password?

If you want to protect folder, very easily you can lock your very important folder by password.Because some time We want to keep something private so that other person can not get access the file.Specially when you used a home computer where is more than one user,  you may need to lock your personal file.To […]

Facebook and twitter marketing tips that you must know

I am using Facebook and twitter for the last of one year only.I don’t have much friends on Facebook and twitter.But what I really feel to say that In this world not everybody like to use facebook or twitter for earning money in online.They don’t have any intention of making money or marketing using this […]

Import blog post to twitter Automatically

Hi Guys, My previous post I talked about how to import blog to facebook Today I am gonna share you how to import blog post  to Twitter .  It’s a good news that you can import your blog post to Twitter..If you are a blogger and if you want to post your blog content on […]

Facebook in mobile & update your status very easily

Facebook has reached the highest popularity in the world.Even more it is now fourth biggest community.Now let us see without regular version of facebook how can we log in? Yes today we will see some mobile version of facebook. so lets see here…. Facebook lite:This is a light version of facebook.India and its neighbor’s countries […]

Useful websites will Reload Automatically

In online web browsing we have to visit so many websites and if this websites automatically reload in our browser we can save our time and never be forget to visit that useful websites.This facilities can be very useful for those who are always like to browse many websites in a we can fixed […]

Download Facebook Album without any software

Most of the Internet user now using Facebook.And you may have a lots of facebook friends.some time we feel to download our friends photo album on facebook.But if you try to download all facebook picture using single click on each picture. it takes long time to download all photo.Don’t worry now you can download full […]

10 Most Effective Facebook Marketing Tips that You Should know

] Facebook is for the user to share information with others in order to enhance their life.Not only sharing information but also it has tremendous opportunity for enhance marketing style .Facebook gives vital impact to contribute marketing strategy.Today I am going to show you how most effective way to use Facebook for online business. Tips#1:Yeah […]

How to avoid unknown friends status update on facebook ?

There is no doubt about that facebook now a days become  very popular social networking sites. Too many friends and too many status update some time we miss our most closed friends update news for having too many friends on facebook.What if I got my closed friends group status update at the front of the […]

DO u like to Download free english movies

My previous post I wrote how to download free English songs.Today I am gonna share how to download free English movies.How to download free English movies from online.If you are fond of English movies especially Hollywood movies Then this post will help you .I hope you must visit these websites for free English movies. […]

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