The Web Application That I am using

I am using very small amount of installed program in my PC. Faster PC is the precondition of less program installed in PC. The more less software you will use in your PC the more faster your computer can be. So for completing some of the task i used web wire or web based application that help me to complete my task.
Lets check out what kinds of web application i am using below list:

The Web Application That I am using


Unicode To Bijoy/Bijoy To Unicode:

To convert Unicode to bijoy i used this online bdnews21 web site. From this website very easily i can complete my unicode to bijoy/ bijoy to unicode conversion.


To create online presentation i used powtoon. But the problem you need to face is here that you have to sign up .

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File convert:

To convert any files i like to use convert files. Word document, web, power point, pdf, audio, video or image  even zip files can be convert on this web tools.


The alternative for the site of ocr i used free online ocr


Image Crop:

Without photoshop image can be crop but it will never crop by round. To do this task in online i used Cut my pic


To capture screenshot some of the web master used Mozilla FireFox addons. But i used aviary You can used it in different browser and various resolutions.



To do small amount of photoshop task i used photo editor. I have got huge help from it. On the other hand you can use sumopanit.


Create button:

To create web button in online you can use grsites. 

Virus scanner:

I like most kaspersky online virus scanner.
Team viewer:
I used Team viewer in online for connect with others PC.


Excel sheet:

The task of excel can be done in online using zoho.


My most favorite online application is pingdom to check website details such as loading time and others.


You can used of those web application to solved any task in online. You don’t need to installed any software program to your PC. You can easily complete your task online with these web application free. Which online apps you are using to your PC ? Tell me in comment.








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