Top 5 Free Antivirus That You Must know

If you want to use Most useful free antivirus than You must read this post.

 Tell me how you  confirmed that your PC affected with virus?To run (TM) Task Manager?Yes If after Press (CTRL+Delete) together and task manager never run,You may have to think about PC that  affected with some fever!! Lol..Yes from that time you can be confirmed that  your PC have virus.You should checked with your virus protection anti virus.May be you have used already 10-12 free antivirus software but none of them worked for you.
okay today I am gonna share you

Top 5 free antivirus that I used with my own PC.

* AVG:I used it when i first time bought my PC.It was embed with my hard drive.That time i was not connected with Internet,there was no pen drive at that time so i was not in a headache with antivirus.Then i never used it.But i can remember that AVG made my PC slow.
Download AVG.
* e-Scan:After taking Internet connection at first i use this antivirus One of my ati suggest me to use this antivirus.I can remember that there is a  prominent bank of this country (National bank ltd) used it.They never used free version i must the by its virus protection not so bad but scan is little bit slow.
Download e-Scan
* Clamwin:In priofacebook I wrote on this virus before.(open source antivirus software clamwin)I used it for because it was open source.There are some virus which gives a lot of trouble? For that this antivirus is perfect protection.Download:clamwin
* Avast:Hmm, excellent interface,A lot of my friends got very good results.But it was not so  working according  my expecting in my PC may be it didn’t liked my PC! You can try with your PC .Avast free for 1 year.Download Avast.
* Avira:At early stage of my time i did so many time set up windows.But believe me after using Avira I never set up windows.After that I never try other antivirus.This antivirus never make my PC slow also.But one problem is  you can not back up virus Database in Free version.Download Avira

So,what is the best free antivirus protection  software? For this question of course i suggest you Avira.try it.

Free Tips:Please never install two antivirus  in one PC, never ever.To install a new antivirus uninstall previous one than install a new one.

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