5 websites for learning web design and development free

  Present world wide web (www) has made a lot of significant changes in Internet. You can easily find out few years ago how was the webpages and now its condition. As the day progress, world wide web (www) is developing and some rich web programming language helps web pages to become more dynamic, secure, update and stylish.
But for a newbie its not so easy to learn the language which can be helpful to developed web interface and its data source more effectively.

To make yourself a web geek you must know html css java script php etc these are all web programming languages are the heart of web application and to design and run a webpage smoothly. They are all (web languages) need to know must for all web programmer. At present facebook, yahoo which are most successful sites are using php to deliver online users most of the benefit and dynamic outlook. Now you can ask me is it possible for me to become a web programmer expert without spending any cost? Its not so tough to say now that yes there is no need to spend any penny but only using online free tutorial websites which can make you a good web programmer. So that’s for sure find out Top 5 website that will teach you how to become a web developer or programmer free of cost in online.

 5 websites for learning web design and development free

1.w3schools.com: This is the only sites that covers most of the languages programme with beginners and advanced level lessons. For me i can say if you have any zest or a bit interest to learn web languages and you don’t know anything at all then here is the best place to start with. I repeat this is the no one website in the world where you can learn and apply for exam after learning the languages. The problem is for learning from this site you have to use Internet. The person who haven’t get net still can use its offline version from here. Just extract the zip file and click on the default.htm and you are on the go. 

2.codex.wordpress.org: I really don’t know about wp anything. but after reaching on this site currently i have learned a lot of it. At present most of the website are based on wordpress and so that’s why you must know this program too. This is the best place to learn wordpress. But you can find a lot of others website about it. 

 3.linda.com:a perfect place for video tutorial about all kinds of computer language. For paid members have the opportunity to watch and download all the video tutorials but for free users it had some limitation. But over all it has given most of video tutorial as free and for advanced level you may pay bit.

4.littlewebhut.com: Another pretty good informative sites for web languages. You can find a lot of codes and data source with easy explanation. The video tutorials will give more clear understanding  

5.tutsplus.com: Another most visited site in online. This is the site same as linda.com But  Most of the video are not free to watch and can not be download too easily due to premium option. You should become a premium member to get all the benefits.


I have a strong passion of my mind to become a web developer. But still i am learning and i am taking my tutorials and lesson from above websites. I think if you too are looking for learning web programme on online freely then those list will help you to start with. I hope you will appreciate above link and start learning from scratch. If you know any more sites which i never mentioned but giving free helpful lessens, please don’t hesitate to add here with comment. Be a great web developer and enrich world wide web with stunning sites. Thanks for reading

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