Why I am getting less visitors to my Blog ?

I am not pretty good in writing even though I’m doing blogging about various topics. Last few months I have found it and still get the same results to my blog is that very less search engine visitors.
Why I am getting very less visitors to my Blog ?  You may have same problem too.
I am asking this question because this same problem every new blogger also have.
Why I am getting less visitors to my Blog ?
Why I am getting less visitors to my Blog ?
Fortunately ,
I know the reasons why I am getting less search engine visitors to my Blog very well.
I know the fact but unable to cover that issues at present situation for my personal issues. Here I am giving the common reason which I should take action against it.
First of all , I like to mention I am in wrong track. What do you mean about wrong track ?
Wrong track is I am running this blog in free hosting service which is not supported for the self hosted blog features. And I am missing all of the seo juices .
So I have to move this blog in WordPress. org platform as soon as possible . And then I can fullfil ‘all the seo lacking factors which is seriously giving me less visitors at present.
Secondly, unique content with recent information. I am not updating my blog with recent unique content. People like to see update news and New information every time. If you are failed to update your blog with these , you are die in blogging .
Thirdly, I am not using proper images with ALT tags. Images are very important content to the blog post. Sometimes using others blog images or using images without alt tag can be detrimental for seo for any blogging articles. So I have to figure it out and update all my blog content accordingly.
Fourthly, building backlink is not enough. If I can not managed backlinks from others blog , certainly Google search engine will not give value my blog. So building back link is very important to have search engine visitors.
Fifthly , Optimization of blog content is not accurate. A good blog should have video tutorials or video content and category based email subscribe facilities. for example , I don’t have such email options for the readers that will boost them to read my articles with huge interested mood. I never give them any tips if they subscribe to my blog via rss feed. So I have to build up such content where people can get benefit after email subscribe.
Sixthly, Regular content writing with solutions based article is very important to have more visitors. So I have to give such article which is helpful and updated.
These are the lacking factors which I am observing to my blog. What do you think about my observations ? Is it correct or wrong ? Please help me to give some others idea and suggestions which I am missing here through your comment.
I hope after reviewing above tips I will get regular visitors and will enjoy having lots of readers to my blog very soon.

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