Why we are failing to gain onlne money using facebook or twitter?

Online is a place where a person become closer to the whole world and become even more closer when a person uses facebook or twitter .We everybody know that facebook and twitter are very popular social networking websites where people are meet each other and find new people.Its a very good idea now to take advantage of social media sites for gaining money specially online money for the small or big business or home business what ever it is – you can earn money using fb or twitter.
But now the question is why most of us failing to gain online money using facebook or twitter .? Today what I am feeling personally for this issue is going to discuss about it.I am not a facebook or twitter expert or I am  not a social media sites expert so what I am going to explained here don’t think it is a 100% accurate to you but what I believe personally that point will help all of you to get some idea to update your thinking for gaining  online money using facebook or twitter.May be in this blog you may already read how you can use facebook or twitter for marketing ?
So right now you know all the process about fb marketing .
The time is now to tell you frankly something -you may have read a lot of post in Internet  about successful online money earning system using fb or twitter but do you ever asked yourself How much that site gain money utilizing that kinds of steps? Or do you ever checked were that kinds of sites successful facebook or twitter money earner?
I think you never think of that.Yes it is very easy to say but very difficult to do .What kind of tips you read for earning money from that kind of sites – the tips is absolutely correct .I am not saying that the point is wrong but there is some websites have which are not following themselves of their point to gain online money but helping online user or business company to gain that money.Are you clear ? Such as I have given a lot of tips to get online money using fb or twitter but Do i following myself to get that money also? No I am not doing so but for that you can not tell me that the point which i have given is wrong.The point is correct but for those who are serious user of fb and twitter and also have business .(for your info currently i don’t have any business but soon i have a plan to set up a business) please note this point who have business also.
Lets say although i am a fb writer but I am not giving full time in it.That’s why I don’t have so many fb friends.That not means i don’t like fb or i don’t know how to increase fb friends? I mean I am not serious user of fb.I have to give time in other things.okey may be you are feeling boring now i don’t want to change the topics to other way …what is our main topic is how to utilize fb or twitter for online money earning system?
Please read the following steps below to find out the answer?

  • Do you have more Friends?:If you say you want to earn money using fb or twitter but not willing to increase friends?then it is not possible for you to achieved your goal.
  • Do you have business?:You can not earn money only depends fb or twitter if you don’t have any business.Because without business you cant  producing any products for sale or without any product you can not use fb or twitter to get online money.
  • Do you have great sites:?If you don’t have any great or popular sites it is quite hard to gain money online using fb or twitter.Because if you have sites you can use that sites for fb or twitter to increase different type of audience.
  • Do you give advertise in fb?:If you have any popular products but if you don’t give any advertise to sell the products to target definite buyers using fb then it is not possible for you to earn money .
  • Do you have great applications? : If you have facebook applications and if you use this applications to promote your fb experience and marketing then i can certify you to get money from online.
  • Do you have good communications? :If you  conisstents in fb updating, update contents of websites  or update  products then it will be a matter of time when you get money from fb or twitter.

Lastly it is not very easy to earn money from online if you don’t have enough knowledge of fb or twitter using .You can know from my previous post how to use fb most effectively ? I hope you can earn money very soon from online using fb or twitter.

author:faridul islam

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