Write Bangla in Any mobile Without Software

Bangla type in Mobile is not so easy due to There is no default bangla keyboard is installed in Smartphone. If   You need to write bangla in Mobile from Any kinds OS like android , windows or ios you have to setup third-party apps to do that.

Write bangla in Any mobile Without Software

But today I am gonna introduced you a simple website where you can write bangla without any software from Any mobile phone.

Just go this website http://www.banglatext.com/?m=0
Type your bangla language in white Box , you can select many options like phonetics, unijoy, bijoy , ovro phonetics, English etc which you comfortable most select that mood and type what ever you like . After finished your typing click on convert. You will see the bangla output at below box. You can correct if any wrong output appears .
You can re write if you can not find your desire bangla out put.
So just go this website and type bangla in your mobile phone.



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