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Teletalk Eid offer 2017 1GB data and 30 Minutes talk time

Hello, Everybody. How are you? How you felt in this Ramadan? It was a month of fasting And today is Eid al-Fitr. 
Eid Mubarak   to all of you.  Best wishes to you from my cordial heart. Today Muslims will celebrate this day with very scrumptious amusement. Anyway, Teletalk sim has been offering a great lovely Eid special offer for you. If you don't know yet,  This post is only for you. No one can deny that it is not a great offer. Yes, Teletalk has been giving 30 minutes talk time (20 mins on-net & 10 mins off-net), 1 GB data to you in this Eid al-Fitr 2017 . After recharging 30 taka, You will be able to take this offer. All pre-paid Users can take this ravishing offer. 
How to avail the offer?
Just dial in this Number: *111*66# or write P30 and send to 111.

Noticeable: You have to keep 30 Taka in your account. The offer validity is 3 Days. If you have any doubt on this offer then you can ask your questions . Though, The offer has given on the official web site of teletalk. 
Don't miss this. Grab the offer. Thank you

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How to add a stupefy comment box in a blog

Hello everybody, How are you? This is an amazing post for adding a stupefy Multi-tab comment box in a blog. Lately, I see many of new bloggers can't add a comment box in their blog. Now, They search the matter in google or any search engine sites for the solution. But perhaps they don't find any good or manipulate articles and gets topsy turvy post which makes them very maze. So for this purpose i am going to share a stunt easy method for you. I hope by following this trick, You will get a great ease solution. Here i am writing  the  detail step by step. If it makes you unable to understand, don't be panic.  I will share all the process with images.
Firstly you will be needed a facebook app id. If you don't have yet, Then go to and create an app id.
To add Facebook and blogger multi-tab comment box together, Please go to and then you have to log in your account.

  1. After going to Dashboard, Go to --> Theme.

  2. Edit HTML.

   3. Then Search </head> by pressing(Ctrl+F)from your keyboard.

 4.Past the below codes on </head> tag,
    <script src=''/>
<script src=''/>
<meta content='Your_Facebook_App_ID' property='fb:app_id'/>
<script type='text/javascript'>
function commentToggle(selectTab) {
 $(selectTab + "-page").show();

 5. Again search this tag ']]></b:skin>' and past the below codes on this tag,
 .comments-page{background-color:#FFF;border:1px dotted #93DAF8;border-radius:10px;margin-top:5px}
#blogger-comments-page{padding:0 5px;display:none}


6.Then, again search this tag : <b:include data='post' name='post'/> by pressing Ctrl+F from your keyboard. And now past the below codes under <b:include data='post' name='post'/>  this tag,
  <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
  <div class='comments-tab' id='fb-comments' onclick='javascript:commentToggle(&quot;#fb-comments&quot;);' title='Comments made with Facebook'>
   <img class='comments-tab-icon' src=''/>
    <fb:comments-count expr:href='data:post.url'/> Comments
 <div class='comments-tab inactive-select-tab' id='blogger-comments' onclick='javascript:commentToggle(&quot;#blogger-comments&quot;);' title='Comments from Blogger'>
  <img class='comments-tab-icon' src=''/> <data:post.numComments/> Comments
 </div></b:if><div class='clear'/></div>
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
  <div class='comments-page' id='fb-comments-page'>
   <div id='fb-root'/>
    <fb:comments expr:href='data:post.url' num_posts='10' width='100%'/>
<div class='comments comments-page' id='blogger-comments-page'>

 7. Then Save Template And finally you did this.

If you find any trouble regarding on this, just let me know. And if you have any query, comment here. I will try to give my best solution to you. Thank you for reading this article. 

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Do you want to Increase your C drive space?

hello, everybody. How are you all? I hope you all are well. Do you want to Increase your C drive space? Today, I want to share you some procedure for getting more than previous space of your computer in C Drive. So lets see what you have to need know for getting more space in C Drive?
 sometimes, It is seen that you can't install any program for there have not much remaining more space in C Drive. Then, You fall in many problems for there getting not more space in C Drive. So i have came here with a view to helping you for increase more space in C Drive. I will try to write it in a nutshell-

1. Firstly, check your ''DOWNLOAD'' folder of your computer. Because, when we download something, that time we keep these file in DOWNLOAD folder. But this folder is remain in C Drive. So, you need to move it to another Drives. Because if there remains too much file, You will face in many problem with your PC for this reason.

2. As much as you can, Keep few file in ''DOCUMENT'' folder.

3. Go to run option of your computer By pressing WINDOWS key + R. Type this ''Temp" and hit the ENTER button. A folder will be appeared, where you will see many file has. Select these all files and delete them. 

4. Go to run and type ''%temp%'' and hit the ENTER button. Another folder will be coming there. you will see there many files. you just select all and delete them. some files will not be deleted, you can skip them. These are many redundant file and if you delete them it will not make any problem in your Computer. 

5. Go to run again and type this ''prefetch'' and hit the ENTER button. It will want the permission of administrator, You should click CONTINUE. Don't take tension. These are also redundant files. you just select all and delete them.

6. Again go to run and type ''RECENT'' hit the ENTER button. Delete all files of this folder.
7. And the last part is, Go to your Desktop home and Empty your RECYLE BIN.

These are Essential for your PC and it will work spontaneously. In every weeks you have to do disk CLEANUP of  your C Drive to increase more space. By right clicking on C Drive you will see propertise of its and just Do DISK fragment, Because it will help you for your hard disk BAD sectors.

Thank you for reading this article. I think, This small article will be helpful to you.
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faridul islam

Free Download Bangla Ebook for Kids adarshalipi.pdf

Free Download Bangla Ebook for Kids adarshalipi.pdf

Free Download Bangla Ebook for Kids adarshalipi.pdf For the help of Internet now you can free download ebook for your children. Today I will given you a free kids ebook to teach your kids from the very beginning the abc of Bangla alphabet. You can either download it or read directly from this website.

There was a time , when mother needs to teach her kids using paper ebook . But now time has changed, Easy access of computer and smart phones , a kids mother can educate his or her kids by electronic format ebook. A housewife now can easily download kids alphabet ebook in pdf then open it from pc or laptop or mobile devices. As you are known that now a days Internet prices for Bangladesh has become cheaper and we can use 3G mobile data with very low cost. So it is very easy now to start teaching our mother language to our kids using Internet. I hope kids of Bangladesh will be beneficial after downloading this bangla alphabet ebook .

 You can download it or read directly from this website . In developing countries still many mother doesn't care early teaching to kids. They think that still my children are not perfect to learn or practice alphabet. On the other hand the country of Europe kids they start learning from the ages of three and half. Actually you can't force them to read e-book but you can try make fun with kids and let them use PC for entertainment and learning first alphabet. Hopefully this article will help all Bangladesh mother to support their kids for teaching alphabet and practice reading .


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Hello my esteemed readers and posterity, How is going your days?
I was busy in my work but here i am again to share with you android Operating system of nougat features.
Anyway You saw the title of this post which is about of android nougat features. So, In this post i shall try to acquaint to you about the android nougat features. I shall try to tell you pros and cons about the android nougat in this short article. As of late google has revealed  another Android version which is known as NOUGAT.

Marshmallow was the sixth major version of the android operating system, and it can not be avowal that nougat is worsened than previous other android versions which was first released as a beta build on May 28, 2015 and officially released on October 5, 2015 And the  seventh major version of the android operating system google released as an alpha test version on March 9, 2016, Though it was officially released on August 22, 2016, with Nexus devices being the first to receive the update. What do you expect from Nougat? So, Let's know about the feature of android nougat-

  • Notification Direct Reply: To reply any message from the Notification bar, You can do it very
    simply seeing the notification. You can reply any message after seeing the message on notification bar.
  • There has given bundle notification system. If you want to ignore any notification or alert thing which you don't want to see you can do it very easily. you can make a schedule that how long after you want to see that notification.
  • Very briskly you can trim your quick settings.
  • Now, This is a very fantastic matter that you can switch between apps with a double tap and, use easily two apps side by side. So continue your work while texting you can watch a movie or
    read a recipe with your timer open.
  •  There has given instantly clear over view. By using this you can instantly remove your background apps.
  • You can use different types of wallpaper in your home screen and also lock screen.
  • Almost 100 language will be supported by android nougat.
  • Dozing mode : it will save your battery power even, when you try to move Other places. At the time of carrying it in your pocket or purse, the device will be running at low power.
  •  Customize the status bar:
    Going to the status bar area you can control what shows up and what doesn't. If you
    Don't like having the alarm indicator up there? You can Turn it of and if you
    Want more precise time? Just Turn on the seconds display. A particularly popular tweak from this menu is adding the battery percent to the icon.








    So these were common features of android nougat. I hope you guys at least have gotten an idea about the Operating system. Thank you for reading this short article.



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faridul islam

Bangladesh government Holiday 2017

Bangladesh government Holiday 2017

As a citizen of Bangladesh and if you are government services holder might like to keep this holiday list for relaxation.

Every holiday is very important for the people of Bangladesh . On this holiday we enjoy living with our family and friends , sometimes we visit our friends or relative on the date of Public holiday .

Here take a look public holiday 2017 list of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh government Holiday 2017

2017 Public Holidays in Bangladesh

Check the the list of 2017 public holidays in Bangladesh.
Date Week Day Holiday
February - 21 Tuesday
Shahid Dibash (Language Martyrs' Day)
March - 17 Friday
Bangabandhu Birthday
March - 26 Sunday
Independence Day
April - 14 Friday
Bangla New Year's Day
May - 01 Monday
May Day
May - 10 Wednesday
Buddha Purnima (Buddha's Birthday)
May - 12 Friday
Lailatul Barat
June - 23 Friday
June - 25 Sunday
Eid Ul Fitr (Rojar Eid )
June - 26 Monday
Eid Ul Fitr (Rojar Eid )
June - 27 Tuesday
Eid Ul Fitr (Rojar Eid )
July - 01 Saturday
Bank Holiday
August - 14 Monday
Krishna Janmashtami
August - 15 Tuesday
National Mourning Day
September - 01 Friday
Eid Ul Azha (Korbani Eid)
September - 02 Saturday
Eid Ul Azha (Korbani Eid)
September - 03 Sunday
Eid Ul Azha (Korbani Eid)
September - 30 Saturday
Durga Puja ( Vijaya Dasami )
October - 01 Sunday
December - 01 Friday
Eid Milad un-Nabi
December - 16 Saturday
Bijoy Dibosh (Victory Day )
December - 25 Monday
December - 31 Sunday
Bank Holiday
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