what is domain registration and web hosting?

what is domain registration and web hosting?

what is domain registration and web hosting?

The online world is a vast world, destined to discover many things unknown and unknown. The topic I am going to write about today is domain and hosting. In the domain and hosting online, most people are out of date knowledge. However, newcomers are interested in learning about domain and hosting. I hope I can handle the issue clearly to you.


What is domain registration?

Simply speaking, the name of a web site is called Domain, as we know the URL of Facebook is www.facebook .com Here on Facebook the domain name is Facebook. Now the question is how and by whom can I get this domain? ICANN company has sealed all the domains in the world.  ICANN is a non-profitable organization. From here you can buy the domain in any name you want (but must be deprecated).

What is hosting?

What is hosting?

Hosting works by making a web site accessible. The place where a web site is located is the hosting of that site. We see that any web site is made up of some text and multimedia (Picture / Video). The site or BIT that these groups occupy is called hosting of the site.
I don’t know if I could get you the whole thing rightly. However, it is best to illustrate the domain and hosting with an Example-

1 / You have a home.
2 / The house is on 5 acres of land.
3 / The home address is 750/6 Dhanmondi, Dhaka.

In terms of website

1-  The content of your site is your home.
2- homeland is (the hosting) of your web site.
3- The home address is the domain of the web site.


I hope at least you got some Idea about Domain and hosting from this article. Thank you for reading.

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