3 Great blog service Feed Email subscription comment

You may observe, from various kinds of websites specially blog sites have Some service Feed Email subscription, comment section.
These 3 service are very common.If you don’t trace this,b please check prioarena.com carefully. Did you get it?I hope you have
got feed email subscription,comment section.if you don’t, no problem.

But the point is -what is the purpose of using these 3 service to you and how these service help you ?okay today I’ll explained these 3 service (feed,
email subscription,comment section)
Email subscription:firstly I’ll explained about email subscription .this is such kind of service which provide you latest post into your inbox of your favourite blog.
suppose prioarena is your favourite blog site where you get new computer and Internet related tips, facebook and twitter tips tricks, tutorial)now may be you want to
know today, is there any post published or not?May be you have notice that daily new post is not published in prioarena.
some time it takes time.(But we try to give new post in everyday)
now you may want to know “so how i know is there  any new post  published in prioarena? This solution is Email subscription.so you no need to
visit prioarena all the time.Automatically a update tips will be mailed into your mailbox.
still now 251 subscriber subscribe for this service. some more have who never confirm their mail that’s why don’t getting new tips. But the matter is Are you subscribeed?
if not subscribe now.After subscription a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox.check that link for confirm and get all the new post of prioarena by email.
feed actually 2 type.Rss and Atom feed.This is also same as email subscription.In online who read too much blog -feed is the best for them.
to use this service you need feed reader software or online feed reader.this is a feed link icon. This is  feed lito icon .I use google feed burner for prioARENA. You can try google feed reader.
subsreibe   feed.
i no need to say what is comment .In every blog you can find comment section.lets say you are not clear of this post ‘s any part or you like that part then you can let us know
by giving comment in comment section.so such way you are benefited and a good relationship can be set up with blog Author.
To make a comment you have to submit name, email address .if don’t wanna to do registration check this picture and skipped this step using guest comment.
using post my comment as a guest,If you want to see your picture besides your comment – so register at gravatar.com From now if you comment in any blog your picture will automatically
displayed there.
if you want to give answer any comment of others just click reply.


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