Bangla Language in World Wide Web

In recent time Bangla language is become so popular. Recently we have found most of the People using Facebook completely in Bangla Language. This is a number one Social media sites in Internet. Where ever you see where ever you go in online, Bangla has developed much more than before.


Now lets take a look in brief where We can Use Bangla?

Bangla in Google:
Did you think few days ago search in Bangla on google? Now you Can do everything in Bangla here There is no need to search in typing  by  other language. You can search anything you want in your mother language.. Using this site you can search phonetic bangla and able to find anything you want.. Another most poplar service by google is google transliteration, 2009 this service has started until now active. At present it is giving 22 language and bangla is one of them. The site url is:
You can send Bangla Mail from Gmail.  In 2009 Decemberer google started another service is called dictionary. Take a look google bangla dictionary.  Here they include bangla too. Here you can translate word bangla to English or English to Bangla. But you must have online connection in your pc.

Google translator:
Another most popular service by Google. It is started since 2006 28th April. At first it gave the facilities to translate language from Arabic to English. Then day by day it has include many language. Currently it has 63 language. Recently at 21 June it add new 5 language and bangla is one of it s giving alfa edition. At present you can translate any language to Bangla and Bangla to any. Its a big opportunity for those who are like to know Bangla language more. but at present may be you cant get 100% accurate translation but its developer is trying their best to improve its service.To Check google Translator page click here. If want to contribute to improve its service try here.

Facebook in Bangla:
Most popular social networking sites. If i am not wrong. You can use this social media sites totally in Bangla now. So 64 language already included in facebook to use it as different languages.
You can try using facebook in Bangla /bangla

At present facebook statistic is given below:

* More than 750 million active users
* 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
* Average user has 130 friends
* People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

Bnagla wikipedia:
Since 2001 wikipedia is running its service until now. This is a such kind of world encyclopedia that anybody can contribute here. At present it has 264 language edition. But running is 263 language. At 2004 start bangla wikipedia. The recent statistics of Bangla wikipedia is given below:

Total register: 22255
Position :73
Total user:22559
Total page:242338
Uploaded File:813

As anybody can register and contribute so it has increasing its user and contributor. But the file or source or information which will be uploaded must be updated and acceptable to the wikipedia administrations.

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