Best Bangla Typing Software That You Must Know

Yes, it is Truth, now the Best Bangla Typing software is AVRO.There is no doubt about that to say  avro is the most professional Bangla typing Software that I hardly can miss it.Why Avro is the best I ‘ll explained later.Before that I must say something for Bangla Typing.Few days ago i wrote about Bangla typing software on bijoy Bangla typing software.On that post actually i mentioned Bijoy is old based bangla typing system and its typing method is little bit difficult.Although its typing method is hard but most of the people like to use Bijoy.Because, they used it for long time.Now everything has changed to new Bijoy Software.But this is not free to use.So that’s why i mentioned if you are a old typist than Bijoy is okay for you.But really if you want to be professional in typing then avro is best for you.Now recently Avro has released its new version avro 5.beta.The few bugs which was in old version it is  corrected in new version.

Why I love Avro?

Okay now i am gonna give you full explanation why you choose Avro?
#English to Bangla Phonetic typing:

No need to memorize now your English keyboard key.Avro supports most modern English to bangla phonetic typing.Lets say you write anywhere”ami banglay gan gai”it will type for you “

#Dictionary Support:

I must give thanks to Avro that its phonetic methods have dictionary as auto correct system.And the good news is the dictionary is totally editable by users.We can add our own words,we can modify them anytime or correct common mistakes most easily.

#Traditional Keyboard Layout Based Typing:

it supports traditional keyboard layout based bangla typing.That means you can type bangla using any keyboard .it has multiple keyboard supports features.Currently supported keyboard layout:
*Munir optima
I personally using “probhat“i am sure if you use this layout you can type bangla most easily.
#avro easy:
This is very good for you that if you have any problem in using Avro keyboard then you can learn keyboard layout from omicronlab.

#Easy mouse based Bangla typing:

You can type Bangla using mouse.This is full-feathered on screen Bengla keyboard for typing.That means if you don’t have keyboard don’t worry Avro mouse layout with full feathered is waiting for you to type bangla.
#Type Anywhere:
I wrote a post about how to type Bangla in any webpages?Today i must say if you use Avro you can type bangla anywhere even in offline.You can type Bangla in all typing methods (English to bangla phonetic,keyboard layout or using mouse) by Avro.
#You can use Avro while chatting in all chatting applications yahoo,google talk,msn whatever you use.
#You can use Avro while browsing webpages on google Excell spreadsheet word document,at anywhere   typing in bangla  can use Avro.
#You can create Bangla documents for your office such as Bangla Excell,Ms word documents.
#You can send or receive Bangla supports web mail also.
Moreover you can create Bangla webpages using front pages or other Html editors.
#Flexible Interface:
it offers for all novice users a Flexible user is better than windows.You can use Avro keyboard or any other keyboard supports not only bangla but also Hindi languages.

It has more nice interesting features that i skipped here.So why you don’t use Avro?Try download now and feel the changes in Bangla typing.
Download link:Click here to download Avro 4.5.3

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