Best music player for android mobile that I am using

Best music player for android mobile that I am using. May be most of you are using android mobile. For android mobile which music player apps is the best? In recent market places there are many music player apps but not all music player will give you the best service.
so now don’t be so sad i have the answer for it. The best music player which i am using is called power AMP music player.

Best music player for android mobile that I am using

 I am using it for my own Galaxy ace mobile. In Samsung Galaxy ace, it has  a default music player and in this default player you wont get any features at all. but i am using power amp due to its various features and a lot of option for choosing to play music. The best features that i like to use in power amp players is sleep timer option. This will allow you to set sleep time for auto stop music. By the sleep timer you can choose the playing time and set the timer to stop music. Some time i like to listen music at night and at that time i use sleep timer for auto stop music after a certain period of playing. On the other hand if not it will continuously play and reduce battery power. So that’s why for this case it give me a lot of ease of listen music. Some more i can change the tune settings according to music like rap, pop or solo music.

 If you want to try just install it. But bad luck for those who don’t want to purchase it. without purchase you can use it only for two weeks. Don’t worry guys I am giving you the full version power amp for free. You have to install apk installer for install this without online.
Okay Download power amp from here.This is a rar file. after extract using 7zip you will get the following files are:
which file need to install? Okay its very simple. You need to install only two files.
first install  PowerAMP.2.0.4-buil.apk
Then  PowerAMPunlocker.apk 
You are done.

After download install it to your phone. After install you have to unlock the key also so to make it full version install power amp unlocker.APK too. Now you are ready to use power amp full version forever.

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