How to avoid unknown friends status update on facebook ?

There is no doubt about that facebook now a days become  very popular social networking sites. Too many friends and too many status update some time we miss our most closed friends update news for having too many friends on facebook.What if I got my closed friends group status update at the front of the page and avoid unknown friends status update, then it would be very nice to keep attach with closed Friends all the time.Do You like to know the tricks how to do filter of your closed friends group ? Or how to avoid unknown friends status update on facebook?

 Today I am gonna show you how to do filter to know most closed group friends status update ?
stage1:go to home page at the bottom left corner click on create

sage2:give a name of this group.such as -people I care about or close friends or family or blog friends.
suppose the name is people  I care about.

stage3:now select your friends which friends you want to keep on this group type their name

or select by scrolling

stage4:now after finish selection click ok.your new group has created.

stage 5: now drag the group on top.

stage 6:Now people I care about news would be published to the top and others will be filtered.
now see the image below, create Group and click there.
you can get feed by Groups.

happy facebooking.

Author:faridul islam

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