Do You Defragment Your Hard Disk Regularly?

You may thought what kinds of word it is? Yes bro this is not a word.This is a quiz!  this  quiz for you to know something from you.Now
you have to find out for me “c” from there.You cant.May be you can but not very fast . You need time.
Okay lets see now again…

Now may be you find out c very fast right? Yes The data of computer in windows before Defragment decorated in disorderly.So at that time if you
open any file from computer it will take time to open .Extra pressure will fall on Hard disk .So what will happened? the computer will become
slow.The possibility of crass Hard disk will increase.

So you may understand now why you should defragment computer.Although Everybody may know how to defrag?
But i remind you again ..

How to Defragment Your Hard Disk:?

*start>all programs>Accessories>system tools>disk defragmentor
*select any drive
*click on defragment

Its very easy isn’t it? actually to remind all of you I have written this post.Last when you did defrag your windows? know me if you remember by comment here.

Okay, Now  you know how to defrag hard disk by default program in windows.You can defragment hard disk using third party software also.Lets see
about it.

How to Defragment Your Hard Disk by software ?

Best De-fragmentation software that I am using
To defragment computer hard disk Microsoft has its own tools.Without that we can  defrag using others tools.Disk speedup is such kinds of freeware
windows utility.This freeware software is used for to auto defrag, shedule defrag,optimize, Analyze etc.More over after disk defragmentation computer
will automatically shutdown.The best facilities of this software is it can defrag all drive in same time.
download link:click here to download Disk  Speedup Disk Defragmentation  software.

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