Download Connectify Pro For Free

Download connectify pro paid version free. Yes its true and you can do that, Why you need it just read here, Do you have many wifi gadgets or device which need to share wireless network? If so may be you are looking for best hotspot software which can make your wifi device portable hotspot or eligible to get connection by other wireless device.
In recent time most of the notebook or laptop has the wireless facilities and you can easily get connected by the free wifi hotspot. Now a days every place has the free wifi facility. What you need to know is just a free account with password for having wireless Internet connection to your device. Lets say you have visited a area where there is no wifi but you need to have this for sharing connection with your PC to mobile phone.

Download Connectify Pro For Free

What you can do now? Most probably you would try to use your default wireless card facilities from your notebook but by that you can not create any strong hotspot connection. To do it most effectively you can install connectify into your PC. By this software turn into laptop a mini wifi hotspot zone. Any device from your PC now can be connected if that device has the wireless connectivity option. So you may think paid version connectify will be very costly to you. You want it to get it free. The good news is that you can download connectify pro paid version by liking facebook fan page of connectify. So guys what some more make you more crazy? Get connectify pro by liking its facebook fan page now. If you have any wifi gadgets just share the Internet through it to another device. Connectify pro will give you full paid version facility and you will never miss any paid function. So why do you waiting for more get it now. No need any crack or hack for make it pro version now you can download connectify pro before June 2012 just by one like button click only in Facebook.

Note: the person who have. edu mail only they can download it. Because it has given only for valid students.

If you have more question and curiosity about connectify pro just ask question here in comment section. Thanks for reading. Facebook like & Download Page Don’t be sad if you are not a student still you can use connectify Lite version. All the same function just fewer facilities than pro version. download Connectify Lite.

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