Fast Your computer by cleaning unused and temporary file

Everybody should regularly clean unused and temporary file.This unnecessary unused temporary file causes your pc slowdown. AS a result any software or file load very slow.

But this kind of unused and temporary file can be very easily deleted.Do you know how? ccleaner. The perfect solving partner of this kind of can clean browser cache, History, Cookies, Index, DAT etc and can increase your browsing speed.

Or other hand if you use other software( Fire fox, opera, media player, google toolbar, Netscape, office xp, Nero, Adobe Acrobat,
Photoshop, win zip and more ….) These kind of software’s temp files and recent files list can be delete also very easily.

The most useful thing of ccleaner is you can check mark which software’s temporary and unused file you want to delete.I make you clear lets say you don’t want to delete temporary and unused files from photoshop so for this reason just removed the checked marked of this software.

Now if you wanna try this software just download from here….
ohh yes i forgot to tell you if you want to clean your computer RAM you may click  here.
size 3.02 mb

Download link:click here to download ccleaner

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Author:faridul islam

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